Watching This Brilliant Dad With his Kids Will Make You Reconsider Morning Commute and Put a Large Smile on Your Face

Bohemian Rhapsody in a car

Singing Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to school.

The Rape That Didn’t Happen

Dark Road photo by

On a dark road in Kuala Lumur, Nikki learns the value of a good man.

A Man, His Machines and a Mishap


The bond between a man and his machines can be unbreakable.

Can We Talk About Guns Now?


There is an ongoing slaughter in America that is a result of the easy access and availability of guns. Should we change something 220 years later?

Fuel for Dads

Out of Gas

Michael Stoller offers an analogy and some advice to get men refueled after a long day’s work.

“Would those that talk about the unpaid work women do extend the same courtesy to the unpaid work that men do?”


This is a comment by Danny on the post “These Chores Don’t Count? On Men’s Hidden ‘Second Shift’”.

The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Defies Stereotypes. (No Wonder We Like It)

Mitsubishi 2

Some guys are weight conscious. So is the Outlander. It’s lost 200 lbs. this year, and boy, what a body! Aerodynamic, ergonomic and ooo-la-la. Review of the new 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander, sponsored by Mitsubishi.

“She asked, ‘How can you do this to this poor child?’ and pleaded frantically with me to get in her car.”


This is a comment by Bob on the post “Call Me a Good Dad and I’ll Spray You with the Hose”.

Top 9 Money Questions to Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married


Getting on the same page with your mate on money matters is better done before marriage than after.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Being Hit by a Car

photo by perfectoinsecto

“Breaking your collar bone hurts a shitload. I don’t know how hockey players do it.”

Guestpost #78: Jeremy Jacobson – Ten things I’ve learned from taking the bus to go to work at 6:12am everyday

photo by roland

#7 Timing is everything

Technology: A Cannon … That Shoots Cars Instead Of Cannonballs?

You know those air cannons that shoot t-shirts at frothing crowds? Like that … but … bigger …

Cars: New Lamborghini Concept Car Spearheads A Bold New Direction

There simply is nothing like this on the streets … of this world anyway …

My Dad’s Car

Screen Shot 2012-03-05 at 1.29.49 PM

A son searches for his dad’s Chevy as a way to say thanks.

That Time I Wanted to Kill the Woman Inside My GPS


What would’ve happened if I’d thrown Lady Garmin out the window?

Cars: The Tesla Model X is Turning Heads [@kasadullah]

Get ready for one serious automotive experience opening its falcon wings for you.