Let’s Stop Allowing Comparing Trauma to Become a Contest

pissing contest

Have you had something bad happen to you? Congratulations, so has everyone else. Let’s stop making conversations on trauma a contest of scars.

I Decided To Love Myself Like My Life Depended On It


Jordan Gray was a jerk to himself for the majority of his life, until he decided to change.

Call For Submissions: Working In Care

not my autism

Andrew Lawes is attempting to force change in the Care industry by speaking out about the culture of abuse and silence, and he wants to break stigma surrounding learning disabilities. He needs your help.

How to Live on Your Own When You Can’t Move a Muscle

Shane Burcaw, Laughing at My Nightmare

About a year ago, while sitting around a fire in my backyard, my friends and I compiled a list of the ridiculous obstacles that will need to be overcome if I am ever going to move out of my parents’ house.

10 Ways to Make Life Better Today*


James Altucher on the secret to a better life.

Dylan Thomas, Retirement and the First Taste of Death


Live, damn it! Wolfgang Brolley on raging hard.

How to Stay Safe in a Yoga Class and 3 Signs You’re Not.

Yoga vid Dšdsklippan

Here are quick ways to spot a dangerous yoga class whether you are in your first class or you have been practicing for years.

Your Guide to the Masculine Tar Pits

LaBrea Tar Pits photo by betsyweber

Seven keys to making women wish you were extinct. Jim Benson with advice to men who date women.

Cory Monteith Is Dead, But He’s Not The Only Addict


s.e.smith of xoJane discusses the tragic irony of romanticizing celebrity addiction.

“There is nothing worse than being a NICU parent, but there is nothing greater than being one who is blessed and lucky enough to take your child home.”


These are comments by Harley, Samara, and Mark on the post “There Are No Gender Politics in the NICU – Baby With a ‘Bucket List’”.

Why We Confuse Love with Care

photo by Nina Matthews

Anthony Carter realizes he needs to keep practicing at love in order to truly understand it.

See What One Husband Does When His Wife Faces a Terrifying Illness (Video)


“She’s my princess and I’m her William. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“If we used our ‘defense’ budget to help people, the next generation would know how to care for one another.”


This is a comment by Justin Cascio on the post “Male Disposability: 1/19″.

How to Help Someone Who Is Feeling Suicidal


People who admit to having suicidal thoughts are saying, “I just want the pain to stop.”

“People tend to assume men do not yearn, do not carry that boundless love that is all powerful.”


This is a comment by jemima101 on the post “A Single Man’s Adoption Story”.

Men, Strength, and Death


True strength does not require denial of reality, but suppleness in meeting it.