Your Family Needs a Dream Chaser


After the birth of his daughter, Zechariah Newman began thinking about legacy, and why a family needs someone to chase their dreams.

Do We Really Need to Work?

Do We Really Need to Work Photo by Seattle Municiple Archives.001

“Work is simply another playground in which to explore our personal evolution.” ~ Mark Darren Gregor

5 Steps To Find What You Love And Make It Your Career


What distinguishes world-class talent is not initial skill. It’s how much work you put in.

Young Men Are Told to Pursue Their Passion, But What Are Keys to the Chase?

passion, dreams, path

Know the difference between passion and love, find the appropriate balance, let your passion drive your work choices, and don’t be afraid to quit.

Find La Dolce Vita in Second Act

chairs by David Hart

Sometimes it takes jumping off a cliff to discover the courage to change one’s life.

5 Signs it’s Time to Break Up with a Client: And How to Do It

breaking up with a client photo by thedailyenglishow

Tamara Star explains how to recognize a toxic business relationship and how to end it simply and professionally.

May Call For Submissions- HELP WANTED: Best, Worst, Oddest Guyhood Jobs

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Have you worked an absolutely terrible job, a truly odd job, or a dream job? Guyhood wants your story.

Undertaker’s Streak is Over and so is My Childhood

Undertaker Loses Streak

Today I hang up my childhood like The Undertaker did his boots and relish in the good ol’ days.

Young Man In a Post-Graduate Maelstrom

whirlpool, sucked in, spinning, chaos, graduation, after college

Some resist. Twenty-two year old Jefferson Morris IV lets the swirling waters carry him where they may.

“it is these exact market conditions that allow you to get away with paying workers what you do…so you can enjoy…your extra 20-30 hours of free time.”

work to live

This comment by Van on the post Do We Really Need to Work?

Why Guys’ Night Out Might Be More Important in Middle Age

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A new study suggests guys’ night may yield real benefits in emotional maturity for increasingly-isolated middle-aged men.

The Good Millenials

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Millenials get slaughtered in the media for being ignorant, lazy, wishy-washy and entitled, but the ones Patrick Brothwell knows don’t demonstrate that at all.

Work Like Hell and Don’t Stop: Pass it On

Work Like Hell- Steinmetz

A seasoned career veteran offers practical suggestions to a frustrated 22-year-old.

Why I Followed My Wife Around the World (More Than Once)

travel around the world with you photo by camerakarrie

Jon Magidsohn has moved his house, business and family to follow his wife around the world. Four times. Here’s why that is part of the new norm.

Parents: Stop Judging Each Other

crying, kid, baby

How our need for a “right way to raise a child” is making us unhappy—and what we can do about it.

Do Men Really Have Trouble Coping with Change?

stressed man

Freya Watson believes men’s over-identification with one role leaves them less resilient than women in the face of stress.