How I’m Supporting My Husband’s Dream


Her husband is reawakening and chasing his dreams. Here’s how she’s supporting him and what she’s learned. — My husband is in the middle of a reawakening of sorts. And it’s totally my fault. You see, when we first met, my husband was shy, a bit nerdy, and didn’t have a lot of self-esteem. He was […]

My Insecurities as a Stay at Home Dad

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My son will never know the man who was once a driven writer for a major lottery corporation. My son will not know his father as an educator who enthusiastically prepared literature lessons for high school students

Got the Entrepreneurial Itch? Five Tips for Fulfilling your Dreams

Man on a mountain

For entrepreneur Patrick Whaley, a life-threatening gunshot wound wasn’t a setback. It served as motivation to fulfill his longtime dream.

Why I Quit My Job With No Plans for What’s Next


If the next five years of your life are the same as the last five years, will you be okay with that? — That question grabbed my attention so tightly I nearly choked on my breath. At the time, I had been at my job for exactly five years. Those five years of my life […]

What Makes a Man


Defining what makes a man isn’t an easy task. The modern man is facing some unique challenges. — Attempting to define manhood and masculinity is a challenge as old as time. Most men would agree that two of man’s primary responsibilities are to provide and protect. At the core of masculinity, this may be true. […]

Respect Your Career to Get Career Respect


If you don’t approach your career the right way, you won’t get the fulfillment you’re looking for.  — I have seen this scenario play out many times. Respect for your career is a two-way street. If you don’t work for the respect you deserve, your career will lose it luster. My wife has an aunt […]

When a Man is Down to His Last Dollar


He loved to party when he was younger. As he grew older and had a family, getting down to his last dollar almost broke him.

7 Ways I’m Trying to be a Better Husband and Man


For the three years, this man has worked on being a better husband, father, and man. He’s let his actions speak louder than his words.

10 Things Every Solopreneur Should Do Before Quitting Your Day Job


You can run a business on your own. These tips will help. — Why 10 things? Because my brain told me so. Don’t make the same amatrepreneur mistakes I made. There are more than 10 things I’d add to the list, but I know the average attention span has shrunk to seven seconds… SQUIRREL! If […]

3 Things I Learned While Building My Dream on the Side


He worked 12-hour days to make his dream a reality and learned this along the way. — Never give up on your dreams, but there are times when you need to make adjustments. Balance in life? What is that? For over four years, I worked 12 hour days, much of which was spent trying to […]

The Day I Panicked and Applied For a Job


He quit his job to live his dream. Three months later, no money was coming in and he panicked. — Last week, I was driving home from dinner with my wife, and we were talking about a friend of ours. He has worked for himself for years, but because his business is slow, he just […]

7 Habits That Keep My Marriage Hot


How to make your relationship thrive when the love grows cold.

How One Man Made an Extra $3,000 a Month With This Simple Exercise


His first year in business he made $500. He used this simple exercise to grow his business by $3,000 a month.  — I was about to give up on my business. My first year in online business, if you could call it a business, was a washout. I netted over my first year, at positive […]

The Entrepreneurial Dad


How dads can leave a lasting legacy for their children. — Over forty years ago, my dad began a business in our hometown. For it to remain a thriving business in today’s economy says a lot about his skills as an entrepreneur and businessman. Initially, I was put off by his determination. The problem was […]

Advice For Guys Who Hate Their Job


You can 40 hours a week doing something you love or that you hate. Here are some tips to find or create work you love.

3 Amazing Strategies To Becoming Highly Successful


The secret to success isn’t what you think. These strategies can help. — Becoming a highly successful person is not a reactive series of events. There is a purposeful strategy. There is a broader vision or a dream that you must be obsessed with and work towards every day. There is no magic formula to […]