Battling Age Discrimination – Young and Old


Marc Miller says age discrimination is real in this job market and offers strategies to win.

Think You Might Be in a Dead-End Job? 11 Signs to Tell for Sure

1dead end job

6. You don’t want your boss’s job.

How You Get Your Food: The Life of a Vendor


This is the truth behind the people who suffer in silence to deliver your food and the story that companies and stores don’t want you to know.

Freezing Your Eggs Benefits Your Employer. Is it Good for You?

Fertility eggs

Accepting employer egg-freezing benefit and postponing pregnancy requires financial, physical and emotional education and analysis to make sure it is right for you.

The Last Day of a Job You Hate


After spending 12 years in a job he hated, this man not only quit, he told his bosses exactly what he thought about them and the job.

It’s Too Soon to Give Up on Millennials

Group of Millenials

Sami Jankins believes the Millennial generation holds the potential for innovation and promise of creating social change if just given the chance.

5 Reasons Why I Won’t Apologize to My Wife For Quitting My Job


This man believes it’s time for men everywhere to quit a job they hate, and not apologize for it.

Saying Farewell to a Great: How Jeter’s Final At-Bat Was Exactly the Going-Out He Deserved


The recap of Derek Jeter’s last performance.

Your Family Needs a Dream Chaser


After the birth of his daughter, Zechariah Newman began thinking about legacy, and why a family needs someone to chase their dreams.

Do We Really Need to Work?

Do We Really Need to Work Photo by Seattle Municiple Archives.001

“Work is simply another playground in which to explore our personal evolution.” ~ Mark Darren Gregor

5 Steps To Find What You Love And Make It Your Career


What distinguishes world-class talent is not initial skill. It’s how much work you put in.

Young Men Are Told to Pursue Their Passion, But What Are Keys to the Chase?

passion, dreams, path

Know the difference between passion and love, find the appropriate balance, let your passion drive your work choices, and don’t be afraid to quit.

Find La Dolce Vita in Second Act

chairs by David Hart

Sometimes it takes jumping off a cliff to discover the courage to change one’s life.

5 Signs it’s Time to Break Up with a Client: And How to Do It

breaking up with a client photo by thedailyenglishow

Tamara Star explains how to recognize a toxic business relationship and how to end it simply and professionally.

May Call For Submissions- HELP WANTED: Best, Worst, Oddest Guyhood Jobs

jobs, odd jobs, sandwich board

Have you worked an absolutely terrible job, a truly odd job, or a dream job? Guyhood wants your story.

Undertaker’s Streak is Over and so is My Childhood

Undertaker Loses Streak

Today I hang up my childhood like The Undertaker did his boots and relish in the good ol’ days.