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I wish I hadn’t taken that job for the money.

A Post (Part Four of Four) For People Wanting to Enter the Job Market


Vaughan Granier on how to own the interview and get the job.

Comment of the Day: “..relationships, personal growth, coping with uncertainty…”


In our rapidly changing world, should parents be advisers to their children?

Stay Hungry: 6 Ways to Make it Through the Necessary Evil of Looking for a New Career


“Everyone in this world is busy. When you sense the right opportunity is at your fingertips, hunt it down with all you have”: success advice from Liva Paudere.

I Hated My Job. Here Is Why.


Stanley Fritz discusses what makes up a toxic work environment, and how to get out of it.

How I Am Rethinking Success and Happiness in Post-Grad Life


David Reitan suggests that not finding a job right out of college might not be the worst thing for a grad.

Why I Refuse To Be Black and Angry


Life can be rough at times for African Americans. But, the writer of this piece is annoyed at the ‘Woe Is Me’ attitude prevalent in certain sectors of the Black community.

RealLifeStarter: The Kickstarter That Encourages Millennials To Get Real Jobs (Video)


Here is a comedic look at the sometimes difficult lives of young creatives.

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Cara Lemieux asks men a variety of questions and the result gives us a deeper glimpse into how modern men view work, goals, parenting and relationships.

The 11 Ultimate Rules to Triumphing Workplace Politics


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You Can’t Find Your Dream Job? Good.

drive through-by williac-flickr

Matthew Branch has worked six jobs and two internships since graduating college. Each failed job has helped strengthen his sense of purpose.

I Want to Be an Astronaut


Carl Bosch wants his students to find the things they love and go after them.

How Do You Maintain Your Manhood and Dignity While Living Underemployed?


A lot of things haven’t fallen the right way for Brian E., but failure isn’t an option.

Call for Submissions: The Economy and Me

the economy and me Photo by eden pictures

A call for submissions about the ways that the economy is affecting you personally.

8 Surprising Reasons Men’s Health May Be Your Best Career Choice Now and in the Future

Navy Physical Therapy

Jed Diamond has been a men’s health professional for over 40 years. Here’s why it may be one of the best career choices for you.

The Myth of the Self-Made Man


We are far more interdependent than we realize, or at least than we care to admit.