Mississippi Is Enough

Robert Reece quit looking for his roots in distant lands that have not affected him so deeply as the history, culture, and people of Mississippi.

Shark Week: Close Encounters With Jeff Kurr

Discovery Channel Shark Week producer and shark expert Jeff Kurr has more advice for finding—and avoiding—close encounters of the shark kind on your summer vacation.

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Perchance to Dream: My First Colonoscopy

Don’t worry, Geoffrey Philp says. His first colonoscopy was like a day at the beach.

The Corn Curl Experiment

How long can a friendship last?

How I Became Obsessed With Sneakers

No one has ever sacrificed for his children like Jorge Alberto Foglia, may he rest in peace.

Guestpost #11: Becky Ferreira – Ten things I've learned from Josh Bowman‏

Becky Ferreira is a Canadian writer, comedian and raptor based in New York. She has been published in Popular Science, Bust magazine, Glamour, TheAwl.com and The L Magazine among others. Her fiction has been published in One Cool Word and flashquake, and she is an Upright Citizens Brigade trained improviser, and one of my closest […]