Lying to Children

GI Joe, Barbie, gender stereotypes, body image, children's body image, children's role models

Where fantasy stops, untruths begin. Carl Pettit writes on the relationship between media and body image.

The Corporate Death Penalty


Should corporations suffer the same consequences as United States citizens? Carl Pettit argues in the case of corporate personhood and their constitutional rights.

The Zen of Don Draper’s Frown

Jon Hamm, Mad Men, Don Draper

Jon Hamm’s compassionate sneer manages to capture the Zen koan of Draper’s ambivalent soul.

A World of Illusion

conspiracy theorists, paranoia, vast government conspiracies, alternate theories of historic events, violence, mass murder, Root Down, Carl Pettit

A world full of conspiracy theorists is the perfect place for an evil mastermind to work, undetected. So warns Carl Pettit: but just which side is he on?

Prison Utopia

United States prisons, US prison rates, American freedom jail, Carl Pettit, Root Down, The Good Life

The United States leads the world in incarceration rates of its citizens. Is America really home of the free?

Best of GMP’s Articles on Social Issues

Photo by Pierre Torset of a boy working in a ship-wrecking yard. From Of Ships and Men by Cameron Conaway.

From human rights abuses, to circumcision, to war, The Good Men Project has been tackling many of the issues central to the lives of men around the world. Here are a few of the editors’ favorites.