Can a Man Be Sensitive and Strong?

Carlos Andres Gomez talks about what it took for him to walk away from stereotypical definitions of masculinity.

The Testosterone Project. Welcome.

The Testosterone Project explores the evolution of masculinity in modern society through a series of interviews with leading thinkers on the topic.

20 Useful Videos to Engage Men in Violence Against Women Prevention Work

A list of video resources for educating others about gender-based violence.

Video: Men Are Trained To Think of Each Other as Animals

Men and boys worldwide are caught in cycles and storms that leave us speaking to one another in a language of violence.

The Manliest Thing About Me Is…

A new photo project explores the way men define their own form of masculinity. The results are astounding.

Please Be That Guy! 7 Men Who Are Transforming Masculinity

Jamie Utt offers a list of seven guys who are turning their backs on old stereotypes to be advocates for equality.

The Overcoat of Masculinity Can Crush You

Carlos Andrés Gómez tells a story that will stay with you forever (video).

Video: “3 AM” – Slam Poetry About Modern Manhood

Carlos Andrés Gómez and Adam Falkner’s poem about the swirling messages about violence and sexuality in modern manhood.

Op-Ed: Taco Bell’s New ‘Live Más’ Campaign is Racist and Demeaning

Carlos Andrés Gómez doesn’t think the new Taco Bell ‘Big Poppa’ ad (which admittedly used Google Translate for its Spanish) is funny.

I Don’t Want To Be Seen As Weak

Manning-up is not just for men any more.

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“The End of Men” on Al-Jazeera Stream

The Good Men Project’s own Noah Brand weighs in against Hanna Rosin’s notion of “The End of Men”

‘Man Up’ – An Excerpt from Carlos Andrés Gómez’s New Book

“I am tired of men dying because they feel alone, feeling like they are destined for prison or monotony or gender role-playing or anything less than their most divine of dreams… I know that I am not alone in this.”

What Is a Good Man?

With quotes from friends and famous folks alike, Tom Matlack finds that defining goodness is not science, it’s art.

25 Ways to Redefine the Phrase ‘Man Up’

Carlos Andrés Gómez is on a mission to reclaim the phrase “man up” to reflect all the best things about masculinity today.

Fears for Tears: Men and Vulnerability

Jeff Perera has a story that will make you weep.

Slam Poetry: I Want to Be a Better Man… But I Wait

Slam poetry by Carlos Andrés Gómez and Jeanann Verlee explores the complications modern couples experience as a generation who grew up surrounded mostly by divorced families.