In the latest installment of “Love, Recorded,” a car named Kiki gets in an accident. But what really hurts is the crash between the present and the past.

Drive Less, Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss, Good Men Project, Huffington Post UK, Driving, Driving and Narcissism, Entitled Drivers, Drivers are Assholes, Ethics and Values, Drive Less and Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss explains why driving, social disconnection and cultural narcissism are all interconnected

Kermet and The Purple Car

purple taurus photo by greggjerdingen

Kermet Apio would do anything for parenthood. Even buying a purple 96T-Dub.

“I acted like an ass in front of my kids and put them in danger.”

Road Rage

This comment by Jonny on the post To the Ticket Agent as the Delta Counter

First Love: My Dad’s Convertible

So much like my dad's beauty it hurts...

She’s been gone for more than 20 years, but JJ Vincent still longs for that hulking piece of steel.

Rest in Pieces: Giant Sinkhole Swallows 8 Corvettes

There used to be 8 corvettes here.

The National Corvette Museum had eight cars stolen…by a 30′x40′ sink hole.

When You Grow Up Without a Car, You Don’t Take Them for Granted

Mission: St Louis house

Fred Goodall grew up without a car, and knows how hard it can be to accomplish your goals without a vehicle. Sponsored by Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good.

Riding In Cars With Kids

riding in cars with kids photo by James Ellsworth

Norbert Brown is slightly obsessed with how many of his favorite memories have taken place in cars.


Jedah Mayberry personal photo

Jedah Mayberry found, with his grandfather, a way to relate: a shared affinity for mechanized things.

Can We Talk About Guns Now?


There is an ongoing slaughter in America that is a result of the easy access and availability of guns. Should we change something 220 years later?

Thunderstruck: Part 4

Dodge Challenger, Almost Heaven, road trip music, Thunderstruck AC DC

What does it mean to be thunderstruck? Jason Kapcala defends his improbable, impractical love.

Thunderstruck: Part 3

man loves car, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Challenger, buying a car, road trip, adventure, breaking loose, real world

Can a man still fall in love with a car? Jason Kapcala writes of growing up in the ’90s: “My generation was probably one of the last to view mobility as a literal concept … that mobility is something I crave now more than ever.”

Ranking the Best and Worst of PBS Kids

pbs 588x350

Patrick Wensink shares the agony and ecstasy of exclusive kids television programming from PBS Kids

My Birthday Today


#30: As I turn a year older and reflect on age, I don’t mind feeling sturdy.

Driving in Cars with Girls: 3 Steps for Dads to Do Right By Daughters

Cars with Girls

In a house full of women, Noble McIntyre is just trying to get it right, from car seats to driving lessons

A Humorist’s Three Rules For a Happy Marriage

Phil & Yaoyao

Goodness knows, we need guidance. Mark Sherman is happy to oblige.