A Way to Pay It Forward—Make Sure There’s Always Room for One More

Pat it Forward

“It’s only another mouth at meals, another load of laundry, some time listening, advising and making sure the kid is OK.”

If It’s Hard & It’s Work, It’s Not LOVE


Without love there is no flavor or meaning. Give into it and accept it with an open heart and you both will thrive.

How Cary Grant Taught Me To Love Sleep Apnea


Learning to accept the indignities of aging with dignity.

The Crusher Crushed

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 5.56.46 PM

Noah Berlatsky wonders, does the man have the male gaze or does the male gaze have the man?

Who Am I? Exploring Male Archetypes


Explore different ways of being a man by relating to classic icons, no two of them alike.

The Teacher’s Pet at 80: An Interview with Actress Mamie Van Doren

Mamie Van Doren, interview, Donald D'Haene, The Good Life, The Good Men Project, entertainment, Hollywood, film, actresses

The former Miss Palm Springs and RKO film siren Mamie Van Doren talks to Donald D’Haene about what fires her up, her leftward political drift, and being an enduring sex symbol.

Superman and Innovation – Who Will Be the Maccabees?


Sam Sattin wonders, how do we tell the difference between the revolutionary and the trivial?

Is Daniel Craig’s ‘007’ TOO Physically Fit?

Skyfall, Scope Pictures

Does Daniel Craig’s “perfect body” at age 44 set an unattainable physical standard for men?

Boys: The New Face of Anorexia

anorexic boy

Joanna Schroeder investigates the prevalence and causes of the increasing numbers of boys and men battling eating disorders, as well as the social stigma associated with what was once thought to be a “girls’ disease.”