‘Spotlight’ And Laying Down The Law

Warren J Blumenfeld shares an article he wrote for The Harvard Crimson in 1986, leaving it to us to see if things have changed much since then.

Transgender Oppression (Cissexism) and Conservative Religion

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The Biology of Leaving Church

Leaving church is more than walking away from something. It’s walking away from someone. That’s why we feel it so deeply, good or bad.

“Spotlight” Shines Despite Its Unsettling Subject Matter

The must-see movie that tells the true story of the Boston Catholic Church child abuse cover-up

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What Do a Priest, an Imam and a Butcher Have in Common?

If they can find a way to get along, with no one the loser, why can’t we all?

Pope Francis, Could You Please Call My Boyfriend’s Family?

To be acknowledged by his boyfriend’s family, Paul Boynton needs a miracle. Or maybe a call from the Pope.

Ten Reasons I Am Not the Christian I Used to Be

He thought everything he was taught growing up was true. — I grew up in the Southern Baptist and Missionary Baptist traditions. I was raised in a very conservative religious environment. I thought my father’s musings about organized religion—and its shortcomings—were blasphemous. At the age of 18, I was licensed to preach the Gospel. I […]

A Priest And An Abuse Victim Fight Church Cover-Ups Together

Check out this heart-wrenching discussion between two men – one a survivor of clergy abuse, and one a former priest.

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Matthew Rozsa meditates on the downfall of Cosby and the rise of the new integrity.

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The ‘Dark Side’ of Capitalism: Why the Pope is Highlighting Inequality

Pope Francis has emerged as one of the most important voices on the global stage about the need for a stronger moral dimension in economic policies.

How Long Have I Felt Alone?

Sexual abuse survivor David Pittman’s constant search for connection left him feeling more and more alone, until he finally got help.

The Long Road to Healing

Will the Catholic Church seize the opportunity to create a safer world for kids?

A New Vatican Document Suggests the Church Really is Softening it’s Tone on LGBT Issues

The document covers a number of other issues, but it’s clearly meant to send a signal to the hierarchy that the pope has a new program in mind.