Masculine Messages from 2016’s Academy Award Nominated Films

Author Jay Cradeur shares his observations of five must see Academy Award nominated films.

One Man’s “Spiritual Awakening” In A 12-step Recovery

“Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” – Step 12

An Open Letter To The Mormon Church

Christopher Macneil believes the Mormon Church has strayed from a moral path.

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I’m Living Proof You Can Be Catholic AND Support Gay Marriage

Before you nail me to a cross, hear me out.

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Steven Lake faces the challenges his wife brings up through her spiritual practice. Resistance is futile!

The Best Teachers I Ever Had

Bill Quigley pays homage to teachers, and learns that not all of them are found in schools.

Living on a Prayer

Alexander Lowe examines the role that religions and faiths could play as uniting, rather than dividing, forces.

One Millennial’s Top Ten Ways to Improve Male Education

It’s easy to daydream about the goals of a future society, but I think the only way we can accomplish those goals is through education and discussion. Part of that education is unlearning.

Reflections of a Catholic at a Congregationalist Church Camp: ‘We Are All Aliens”

Ethan Keller describes his time as a counselor at a Congregationalist camp, and the impact that had on his life.

Evidence 101: Yes, I Really Did Love Your Dad!

Recovering from a divorce is one thing. Admitting you loved him after the years of hurt is another.

What if a Religion Reverses Policy? There is No Hell & Gay is OK

When Camilla Sanderson read that the Pope decided to embrace homosexuals, female priests and atheists, she was shocked but hopeful.

God in a Glass: The Beer of the Trappist Monks

David Pennington reflects on Orval and the fading art of divine brewing.

Rhode Island Becomes 10th State in the US to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

After 16-years of trying, advocates for same-sex marriage have finally won in the heavily Roman Catholic state of Rhode Island.

‘Jesus the Homeless’ Sculpture Causes Controversy

It’s the gaping wounds in the feet that reveal the subject, whose face is draped and barely visible, as Jesus the Homeless.

I Am Not a Practicing Catholic But My Toddler Will Be

Faith is a choice: I want my son to be happy with his beliefs and let other people be happy with theirs