The Man Who Makes Music for Cats

Because men love animals too. (And yes, there is a cute cat video included.)

Cougars, Cat Woman, & Cat Ladies! Where Are The Cat Men?

If our beloved pets can defy gender stereotypes, shouldn’t we be able to do the same?

For the Love of Cats and Dads

Can a cat make a man cuter? You bet!

You Won’t Be Able to Get This Out of Your Head

Take a break, shut the door, and get ready to move.

Today’s Feel Good Post on The National Football League! (NOW with 300% More Kittens!)

Mike Kasdan has an NFL piece that will make you smile. And it has nothing to do with concussions, DEA investigations, domestic violence, or child abuse!

Why We Must Listen to Our Emotions (Or Else!)

“When we face our emotions, we can learn what they are trying to tell us about what we need and value,” writes psychologist Sandy Peace.

Of Men and Cats

Peter Kirby-Harris explains an often confusing relationship.

How to Be a Purposeful Man

Matthew Hoffman felt out of his element as man until he realized the importance of purpose.

25 Ways Moving Is as Stressful as Death

The “Love, Recorded” Guide to Staying Sane (and Married) While Moving, in 25 Points.

28 Ways to Spot a Real Man

Need a hero? Here’s 28 ways to spot a man that’ll be up to the job.

Ten Wicked Idioms That I Love

Without letting the cat out of the bag: Carl Pettit loves idioms suggesting the torture of house cats.

Cats are Evil and I Hate Them

When Jeremy Feist moved in with his partner, he knew he’d have to get used to living with a cat. He just didn’t realize that cats were truly this terrible.

For a Granddaughter

Russell Kesler welcomes a family member who has not yet arrived.

When I Make My Lunch

Waldo quietly prays for food like I sometimes beg for scraps from heaven.

Our Pets: 12/14

Men and boys and their animal companions.

Dear John: How Will Her Boyfriend React To Her Diagnosis?

Dear John addresses a girlfriend’s diagnosis, concern for a closeted friend, and cats getting in the way of a relationship.