Between Jesus and Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain

Why was a kid from Wisconsin painting on sideburns to look like Walt Frazier?

“Unlike other groups of people, it’s pretty easy for a white person to use their skin privilege and brush off any stereotyping.”


This is a comment by Red Seven and J. Serens on the post “Yes, Black People Can Be Racist Too”.

“I attended a three-part diversity awareness workshop. It backfired.”


This is a comment wellokaythen by on the post “On The Definition of Oppression”.

“When white people are asked to talk about their racial identity and pride, all they have is shame.”


This is a comment by Justin Cascio on the post “The Difference between ‘white people’ and ‘White People'”.

I Am a Dark-Skinned African. In Terms of Racist Hierarchy, at the Bottom of the Food Chain. Or Should Be.


Moses Okoth is quite comfortable in his deep mahogany skin. But he still has questions about how society views race.

White Boy in a Black Land


Tom Matlack travelled to Kenya and learned some things about himself and our conceptions of race.

White, Male, and Marginalized?

brad montgomery/Photobucket

It’s tough being a white male. They can’t dance. They can’t jump. But now they can apply for a scholarship designed for them at the University of Texas.

Umbilicus Athleticus

Scientists discover why blacks are better runners and whites are better swimmers.