Robin Williams Inspired Me To Teach


On the death of a great artist.

Never Slice Open an Inflated Tire. A 13-Second Cautionary Tale.

Tire slice

Watch this 13-second video to see why fully inflated tires and razor blades just don’t belong together.

Don’t Forget to Perform Maintenance on Your Marriage (A Lesson I Learned the Hard Way)

Love is being stupid together by nattu

Derrick Dupuis wished that someone would have explained how to create a marriage that works for both people. Now he would like you to use him as a cautionary tale.

My Biggest Fear as a Father? That My Son Will Grow Up Just Like Me.

I am afraid my son will grow up to be me

Mickey Fuertes finally realizes that even immature jerks can become great dads.

Young Man’s Vasectomy Leads to Later Regrets: A Cautionary Tale

no regrets

One man regrets his vasectomy but loves the life he’s made with his partner

Dark Harvest

photo by keoni101

A cautionary tale of technological excess by Thaddeus Howe

The Quality Chronicles: The Bug That Killed an IPO

photo by usdagov

In a world of “Better, Faster, Cheaper” Ken Goldstein reminds us that Quality Assurance is a process not a department.