Ray Rice, Janay Rice, the NFL and TMZ: Many Sides, One Missing Topic

A lot of voices were speaking up on Tuesday. Joe Rutland points out that they still remain silent on one major topic.

A Love Story: CBS News ‘Sunday Morning’… and Me?

Joanna Schroeder has a very, very strange love story to tell you on this Sunday morning.

Mandela’s Health, And What It Might Mean

Conflicting reports about the former president’s recovery may have a deeper reason.

Mail Carriers in China Catch Falling Toddler (VIDEO)

A two-year-old girl was saved after falling from her family’s 5th-floor window by a group of mail carriers in Eastern China.

Sesame Street Addresses Parents and Incarceration

Sesame Street tackles more than the ABCs and 123s with a new educational outreach program for children.

How Letters From Strangers Saved a Teen’s Life (VIDEO)

“I just felt like everything was worthless,” said Noah. “My life was terrible. I had no one.”

Op-Ed: 88,000 People Dead. Why Aren’t We Responding With an Assault Weapons Ban?

he Newtown shootings changed Alex Yarde’s sense of safety. Now he’s even more shaken as the Assault Weapons Ban has been cut from the Gun Control Bill.

This Is What Real Sportsmanship Looks Like

It’s not about whether you win or lose, for some it’s just about getting to play at all.

Military Judge Rules Pfc. Bradley Manning’s Confinement Was Excessive

Bradley Manning faces charges for leaking classified military information. Charges that include aiding the enemy which carries a maximum of life behind bars.

VIDEO: A California Man Donates His Home to a Family For a Year

Tony Tolbert learned about giving from his father, and he is putting those lessons to good use.

The Death of American Ambassador Stevens May Be Linked to al Qaeda

Stevens, friend of the Libya Revolution, died after a call for revenge by Al Qaeda was posted online Monday for the death of it’s No. 2 commander, a native of Libya.

Jamal Simmons on Being a Good Man in Politics

Andrew Cotto talks man-to-man with political analyst Jamal Simmons about the greatest social problems facing America, President Obama’s legacy, and what it takes to be a good man in politics.

Mike Wallace Passes Away at 93 Years Old

Veteran newsman Mike Wallace passed away yesterday at 93 years old.

Poll: Are We Losing Our Goodness?

Nicole Johnson wonders if the excess of excessive disturbing headlines lately means that humans are losing their goodness.

A Dad Defends Danica Patrick

Matthew Crowder hopes that Danica Patrick’s haters will keep their mouths shut, so his daughter’s dreams aren’t dashed.


According to Louis C.K., being a good dad doesn’t take away your manhood, it creates it. Go figure.