Do the Hosts of “The Talk” Really Think a Woman Hitting a Man is OK?

the talk

Sure, it’s “just entertainment” but it is also a belief system that condones the abuse of men. Why do we think that is funny?

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Proves Nerds Are Cool

big bang theory 2

A show that reminds us how far we have come as a society in embracing our inner nerd.

DC Comics Plans to Take Over Television


DC Comics has nine television shows on the air or in production.

Hey Fantasy Football Fans — Try CBS Sports Fantasy Football Challenge

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Visit the site, sign up and kick-off your football season the right way! Alex Yarde has the details!

“Two and a Half Men” Gay Adoption Plot: A Good Laugh or Just Laughable?

“Two and a Half Men” Gay Adoption Plot: A Good Laugh or Just Laughable?

Brent Almond argues that an upcoming gay adoption subplot on the popular CBS sitcom is an insulting dismissal of the reality of same-sex adoption in the United States.

War is a Land Grab and it Always Has Been

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 5.35.14 PM.jpg

Scott Pelley, on CBS Evening News, talks of the struggles of today and how to get to peace.

The Book War That Authors Have Already Lost


J.E. Fishman questions the importance of publishing companies in a book’s success.

End Of An Era: David Letterman Will Retire In 2015

David Letterman

It’s the end of an era for late night talk shows, as the last of the reigning kings steps down.

The Sweetest Upset


Forgotten now, but four years ago the NCAA backed down in the face of fan opposition to a plan to expand the annual men’s basketball tournament to 96 teams. Brian Lutz says its one of the few times that fans won out over corporate greed.

Pope Francis: Catholic Church too ‘Obsessed’ With Social Issues

Pope Francis, 13/3/13

Pope Francis believes it is time for the Catholic Church to find a new balance, with the focus being less on social issues and more on “healing the wounds of it’s faithful.”

Finding Love in a Cross-Cultural Digital World: An Interview with Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Dating photo by derekskey

Do you think that technology has ruined dating? What’s been your worst dating experience? What’s the most romantic thing that someone can do on a first date? Antonio Sabato, Jr. tells all.

“How I Met Your Mother” and the Dysfunctional Dad Narrative

TV-Met Your Mother_Angu

Will our fathers’ stories be our own?

Recipient of the Purple Heart ‘Humiliated’ by Security Screeners

decorated wounded marine

Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz said, “At some places I’m treated like royalty and at some like a terrorist. There’s got to be something in the middle.”

RAW STORY: Gay Activist Schools Tony Perkins: LGBT People Won’t ‘Use Up All the Marriage Licenses’

tony perkins

Evan Wolfson assured Family Research Council President Tony Perkins that “the gay people are not going to use up all the marriage licenses” if the Supreme Court strikes down marriage discrimination.

Family of Austin Tice Still Asking for His Safe Return

Austin-Tice-photo-credit-screen-capture-YouTube (2) (550x310)

Freelance journalist still being held in Syria, 6 months after his abduction.

God Didn’t Give a F#%* Who Won the Super Bowl


Liam Day questions the belief that God helps decide the outcomes of games.