Current Ebola Outbreak in West Africa is Worst in History


Deadly Ebola must be combated with western resources devoted to education, prevention, care, quarantine and development of a vaccine and cure

We’re Still Not Tracking Patient Harm

medical-rick kimpel

Top patient-safety experts call on Congress to step in and, among other steps, give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wider responsibility for measuring medical mistakes.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Gun Culture Does.

Guns Dont Kill People, Gun cultur does  dno1967b:Flickr

Are we really free as a society when our right “to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”? When Is Enough, Enough?!

Standing With President Obama Against Rape

maura barclay

Stuart Glascock was startled to discover the incredible prevalence of rape, and found a book that put it all into perspective for him.

Life on the Societal Fringe: Marginalization & HIV


Wilhelm Cortez on a few ways we marginalize others, and the devastating impact this can have on individuals and societies.


hand washing photo by jariceiii

George Davis would like to see hand-washing become the rule, not the exception.

Hey Men, Prenatal Vitamins are Good for You Too

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A new study shows she isn’t the only one who needs to plan ahead, for the sake of future kids, men’s health matters too.

Dating Tips For Fat Guys


Sure, there are going to be some women who dismiss you immediately because of your size. But it’s actually a handy way to know who the jerks are right up front.

Let’s Give Congress a Workout

Gym_Towels davco9200 2013_10_09

David Stanley suggests that if Congress considers its private gym essential during the shutdown, the American people should make sure our representatives make good use of it.

The Rape Nobody Talks About


Female-on-male sexual aggression isn’t something people take seriously, but the startling facts show that it’s far more prevalent than anyone wants to believe.

NEW STUDY: One in Ten High School Seniors Has Engaged in ‘Extreme Binge Drinking’


The CDC estimates that 39% of all high school students have had some alcohol in the past month and that 22% of them binge drank in the last month.

NEW STUDY: The Financial Cost of Gun Violence


Emergency room and inpatient procedures related to firearm injuries cost $629 million in 2010 alone.

CDC: Bullying is Public Health Issue


Research has shown that there are links between bullying and suicide, and because of those links the CDC now considers bullying a public health problem.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Let’s Talk About HPV

michael douglas and catherine zeta jones_opt

Michael Douglas’ candid talk about the connection between cunnilingus and cancer has inadvertently brought about a higher awareness of HPV and reminded the world that dental dams and vaccinations are out there for a reason.

Let’s Stop Faulting Boys and Start Channeling Their Energy


Boys can learn, and we should teach, that it is not reckless abandon that makes a man but steady self-control.

7 Ways You Can Help Prevent Sexual Violence

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While caring for survivors is crucial, Jamie Utt insists that it’s just as important to end the cycle of sexual violence before it begins.