Oh Canada! A Call For Submissions

Dear Men of Canada—We need your help.

A New Dad and His Toddler Daughter Create A Masterpiece for Mom on Mothers Day

“We’ll add some sparkles. Well. Not in your eye.”

The Best Beer Whiskey Chocolate Covered Raisin Cocktail Ever!

What’s better than a chocolate covered raisin? A beer-whiskey-chocolate-covered-raisin cocktail, that’s what. — I’m not much of a chocolate covered raisin guy, but you put beer, whiskey, and chocolate covered raisins into a cocktail and I’ll drink it until I go into a beer-whiskey-chocolate-covered-raisin coma. (Oh, and that bit about not liking chocolate covered raisins, […]

Happy Chocolate Covered Raisin Day!

Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day? Yup, it’s a real thing. And we’re glad it is. — There are some holidays that make you wonder who in their right mind would have declared a holiday. Then there are days where you should wonder that but you realize the thing you’re celebrating is just too damn good to worry […]

Sy Celebrates #PackaLunchDay !

It is National Pack a Lunch Day and Sy is celebrating. Listen in.

Today is National “I Want You to be Happy” Day!

Today is #NationalIWantYoutobeHappyDay . So look for happiness-making posts, conversations, videos and more all day today on The Good Men Project. If you are not happy, we want to make you happy. If you are happy, please go make someone else happy. Being happy, it is a man thing to be.

A Humbling Journey: Supporting Men Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse

Steve LePore, founder of 1in6, reflects on how his organization has impacted men and their wellbeing.

It’s Time To Share Your Gifts

What if sharing your gifts felt as natural as apple trees giving apples? Theresa Byrne asks you to step into your natural power and do what you were born to do.

How to Saber Open a Champagne Bottle with a Butter Knife

Some skills are just good to have on hand for that special occasion.

Sharing Faith: How I Found Healing at a Funeral

Being present for others during their time of need can lessen your own pain

A Canadian Dad Sounds Off on the 5 WORST Trick-or-Treat Candies Ever!

When he read the American 5 worst treats for Halloween, this dad laughed at the U.S. privilege. He thinks Canada can beat us out for the worst, and he sets out to prove it.

Recording Artist Garrett Miller Releases the Newest Halloween Anthem

Tired of Monster Mash? Recording Artist Garrett Miller has just released a new Halloween Anthem for 2015. One with a feminist kick! —

Are These the Coolest Dad and Daughter Halloween Costumes? She Goes as Him & He Goes as Her!

Dad Mike Reynolds thought he was asking a simple little question to his youngest daughter, “What do you want to go as this Halloween?” Then she told him.

A Dad Discovers the Horrifying Truth About the Costume Gender Inequality Divide for Girls

Does your daughter want to go as a pilot, fireman or policeman, something of which to aspire? Tough. They’re all for boys. Unless she is a sex kitten. One dad loses a gasket over the gender divide that is Halloween Costumes.

For the Love of Jellyfish: A Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume

Here is one creative idea developed by blogger Chris Bernholdt! Go jellies!

However You Costume Your Kid, Dad, Know This: You’re Doing Good

Are you seeing all the great homemade costumes other parents are doing for their kids? Afraid you are not measuring up? Here is one dad to tell you that you are doing good.