Guys can be Celibate and Enjoy a Good Life

Could celibacy be the path to finding a man’s perfect companion?

The Virgin’s Guide to Dating Women

7 steps to help men clear shame, acknowledge your power, and enjoy intimacy with the women you care about.

Celibate by Choice

In a time where sex is everywhere and expected of most adults, some people choose to say no.

Why I Won’t Date (For Now)

A young man, at the apparent prime of his dating life, decides to give up on dating

“Life Partner” Is Not Synonymous with “Romantic Partner”

Marie S. Crosswell explores the radical notion that your Life Partner and your Romantic Partner may not have to be the same person.

The 30-Year-Old Virgins

JJ Vincent thinks he finally knows why he and his friends did not understand the 30-year-old virgins.

Why Are Priests Really Celibate? (And Will It Change with a New Pope?)

Catholic priests weren’t always celibate, and some believe the matter is not a closed issue.

Will Catholic Priests Soon Be Allowed to Marry?

Britain’s top Catholic cleric thinks the church should lift the ban on Roman Catholic priests marrying.

Alternatives to Marriage: 12/1

Do you have to get married?

The Monk was Celibate, and Then Not…

A newlywed psychotherapist meditates on the goodness of her marriage to a monk

Let’s Assume I’m a Virgin

Being a 23 year old man and still a virgin seems to require an explanation.

Celibacy: When Same-Sex Attraction is a Cross

HeatherN comments on the case of a Catholic man who remains celibate due to his same-sex attraction.

White Man, Chinese Women: A Story of Prostitution, Romance, and Celibacy

Being a foreign man in China, as Brandon Ferdig found out, is a balancing act between your human and animal sides.

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A Season of Celibacy

After years of doing the exact opposite, a few months of celibacy changed Hugo Schwyzer’s life.