How Does A Good Man Balance Work, Life, And Technology?

The Big Disconnect

Steven Lake examines the pressures of a multi-tasking world and how we can fight back to save our relationships.

Ten Things Every Polite Guy Should Do


A few basics to make life a little more civilized.

The Answer to Your Question Is: “‘Cause No-One Gives a S**t.”


When in doubt, writes Kenny Bodanis, divide the world into two groups: Those who don’t give a s**t about you, and those who do.

Are You Annoying and Inconsiderate? These Rules Might Help


Kenny Bodanis lays down a few ground rules for living in a world with other people.

News: Sunday Morning Live Returns To The Airwaves With @hannibaltabu [@isidra]

The popular web radio show returns from a weeklong hiatus with tech tidbits & culture commentary.

The 10 at 10


Bert and Ernie could get married, London looks like Rodney King, and Americans choose cell phones over sex.


Photo by Cara Photography

Is secretly tracking a loved one’s email or phone history acceptable in a relationship, or is it evidence of lack of trust?

Technology: Links Between Cell Phones and Cancer???

Well, time to research radiation-limiting wire earpieces … you do know BlueTooth is radiation too, right?

The 10 at 10

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds walks again, BYU is in trouble, and living rooms are becoming extinct.

FCC ‘Bill Shock’ Plan: What Took So Long?


The FCC has long ignored the mobile industry’s financial wringing of its customers, and the “Bill Shock” plan is mostly a stunt to cover for the Commission’s historical tendency to ignore these kinds of problems.

Androids Turn on Their Masters

android-spyware (1)

Google’s tight-knit relationship with advertisers just got a little kinkier. When you launch certain apps on your Android smartphone, you run the risk of sending your personal information, including location, to advertisers. Without your permission, naturally.