Why it’s Hard To Be a Philosopher in Social Media Land

Philosophizing and Facebook just don’t mesh. Here’s 4 reasons why.

Action Bronson and Hip-Hop’s Problem with Misogyny

Why do we accept this kind of extreme violence towards women? And why is it so common in rap and hip hop?

Erotic Poetry, Queer Sex, and High School English

Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus comments on erotic poetry, queer sex, and a high school controversy involving both of the above.

In Defense of the Right to Offend

T. J. Sullivan sees the terror attack at ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris as a reminder that defending freedom of speech means defending speech we find uncomfortable, offensive, or scary.

What Does Sony’s Pulling ‘The Interview’ Mean for Free Speech?

Matthew Rozsa believes North Korea’s threat to Sony challenges the very essence of our democratic freedoms.

The Abuse of Women is Not Hilarious

Getting rid of Dapper Laughs and Julien Blanc is not enough if laddism continues to flourish.

Nice Boys and Nice Language

The words that dare not be uttered.

Tearing Pages Out of Textbooks is Not Censorship?

Knowledge enlightens and empowers people and is an essential building block of civilization. Censorship prevents knowledge and narrows the mind.

Queer History 101: Pioneers in the U.S. and Europe

Censorship measures in the 20th century sought to limit the depiction of same-sex relationships. Not everyone went along with the rules.

How Censorship in Education is Failing to Prepare Students for Reality

Censorship in schools is doing a lot more harm than good. Stephanie Sharlow on why this needs to change.

Why Do We Still Have Banned Books Week?

Let us revel in the diversity of literature rather than wallow in our own prejudices. The “freedom to read” is something should all celebrate.

It’s Not Okay to Be Afraid of a Word: This Father Will Not #BanBossy

Dad blogger Joel Gratcyk disagrees with Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” campaign, arguing that censoring a word does nothing to address the inherent problems the word is masking.

PG-13. R. NC-17. Do These Even Matter?

JJ Vincent wonders about the relevance of the MPAA’s movie rating system. Do you think it matters anymore?

Should Some Stories Come with a Warning Label?

JJ Vincent thought long and hard before posting
links to these stories. What would you have done?

Guante: A Visit From the PC Police

Let’s reframe the idea of political correctness to be less about censorship and more about choosing to not use needlessly hurtful language.

Rolling Stone: A Case Against Censorship

Professor Warren Blumenfeld reflects on the Rolling Stone’s decision to feature the Boston Marathon Bomber.