Culture Doesn’t Eat Strategy for Breakfast

Fred Aubin may not agree with the oft-misattributed quote, but he does know that weak leadership and incoherent strategy are often gobbled up in place of breakfast.

We Shouldn’t Be Dealing With The Gender Pay Gap

Conrad Liveris on why the gender pay gap needs to go, and a clever new video.

This Is Rage 8: If There Were Rules Who Would Listen?

Kimo Balthazer’s internet radio show, This Is Rage, has two very special guests on air today — Ben and Jerry, the two kidnappers trying to negotiate the deal of a lifetime.

This Is Rage 7: The House Checks and Raises

This is how CEO’s bicker: “Surely your plan can’t be that easy,” says Choy. “Compared to being shot dead in the next two hours, I’d call it a plan worth trying,” replied Finkelman.

Do You Really Believe CEOs Work 380 Times Harder Than Their Average Worker? (Video)

As it turns out, there’s a huge difference between our perception of the wealth inequality in America and reality.

Our Real Work Begins

Ken Goldstein suggests we leave the election behind and be pragmatic about the work that is needed to be done to ensure our future.