The World Needs More Men Like Him

His love for me and my children was the best medicine our family needed.

The Time I Knew a Boy Before He was a Man: On Discovery and Disability

Erin Kelly reflects on an incident in elementary school, and how it helped her discover what a true gentleman and friend is.

SDR: Life-Changing Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

Writer and blogger Nicole Luongo recalls what her life was like before undergoing groundbreaking surgery.

Becoming Bulletproof: A World Unseen

A groundbreaking documentary strips down life and disability while breathing new life into the film industry.

James Ellis and Sarah Redmile: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Normalcy

What is “normal”? A disabled couple redefines the right to lead an average life.

The Glow of Gratitude: My Lesson in Christmas, Men and Privilege

Not all gifts have to come in a bow. Erin Kelly reflects on the ones that mean the most to her.

The Reflection of Perception: Kindness, Disability and Image

When does perception take more than sight and intellect? Erin Kelly offers a different perspective on one man’s act of kindness towards a mother and her disabled daughter.

One Small Step for Man: My Road to Social Justice

Erin Kelly reflects on her journey as Social Justice Editor at The Good Men Project, and the lessons she’s learned about serving the good of man along the way.

The Man Behind the Pope: A Lesson in Compassion and Humility

What can men learn from Pope Francis’ visit to America? The story of Michael Keating may offer a fresh perspective.

Confessions of a Fighter: When Life is Defined by Negativity

Has your life always been a fight? Erin Kelly has learned from good men to roll with the punches now more than ever.

Souls in a Cage: The Slow Decay of the Mentally Ill in Prison

Erin Kelly examines the recent treatment of prisoners with mental illness by the US police force.

Running Side by Side: A Simple Act of Kindness

In this video that’s sweeping the Internet, Matt Woodrum shows inner strength and heart. His gym teacher and classmates show the beauty of a simple act of human kindness.

Beauty in the Broken: A Lesson in Personal Loss

Erin Kelly reflects on the day her freedom was taken away due to a recent flood in her hometown.

The Power of Parallels: The Hawking Family, Disability and Me

Erin Kelly examines how the similarities between Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones’ portrayal of Stephen and Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything collide with her own life.

In the Mirror: Disability, Love and Friendship

Erin Kelly believes there’s more to love and friendship than what society portrays.

My Wheelchair Doesn’t Define Me

Erin Kelly on her wheelchair, its stigmas and how they’ve helped her find dignity as an individual.