Who the Heck Gave This Drone a Chainsaw?

The robot uprising is going to be gruesome business, unless we stop these Finnish farmers.

One Guy’s Huge Tree-Cutting Accomplishment

What else are you supposed to do when lighting strikes and kills a tree?

“The next wedding I attend I plan to get them a chainsaw.”

This is a comment by Tamen on the post “Marriage Equality: Making it Their Special Day”.

Now That’s Manly. He Opens His Beer with a Chainsaw.

That’s just how he rolls.

The 10 at 10

Iron Mike picks the Oscar winners, Russia admits beer is alcohol, and robot journalists will take over the world: the 10 at 10.

The Shop Class Chainsaw Incident

Big-time crushes, boring classes: Stephen Bloom’s junior high was just like any other. Oh, except for the raving mad, chainsaw-wielding Shop teacher.