The Engaged Diaries: When I Knew I Wanted to Marry Her

knew marriage

Himay Zepeda on recognizing the moment when…

How Being A Momma’s Boy Is Totally Bad Ass

mom boy

Himay Zepeda has been called a momma’s boy, and he totally digs that. Here’s why.

Rising to the Challenge of Life’s Gauntlet: How to Keep Your Steel Sharp

Thow down the gauntlet photo by modern relics

Alan Bishop’s call to arms: “The gauntlet we call life is out there…waiting.”

Three Conversations To Have Before Your Children Leave For College


A lot of the trials of college life can be mitigated by some simple conversations.

Failure Is An Option

boy playing basketball

Kids need to be able to fail in order to learn how to succeed.

The Function of Adrenalin in Boys’ Rites of Passage

skate park

The young generation can be a threat to the status quo, or an energy source that needs direction, depending on how we meet the challenge.

Why We Run


Long-distance runner Jeff Swain loses himself in the Allegheny Forest.

I’d Court You If I Didn’t Have to Objectify You First

Lonely man

A young man can’t take the first step toward long-term love, getting a date, because he can’t separate sexual attraction from objectification.

A Family Law Attorney on Gratitude


Adversity fosters gratitude.

Where I Went on Vacation: 11/24


Where have you been?

Proud to Be an American


Only by traveling abroad does Kyle Carpenter appreciate what it means to be an American.

“I wouldn’t blame anyone for having a difficult time deciding whether to give up their badge.”


This is a comment by Kaleb Blake on the post “Eagle Scouts Returning Their Badges for LGBT Equality”.

Are You a Warrior? A Mudder? Neither? Both?


The Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder draw very different types of competitors.

Are You Man Enough for Therapy?


It takes courage and strength, but it’s worth learning how to benefit from a therapeutic relationship.

Leap of Faith

Hong Kong skyline

Atalwin Pilon took a leap of faith—into another country. Then he did it again, and again.

Comics: Body Bags Creator Jason Pearson Flirts With Suicide

The talented writer/artist has really been in the struggle this week. We follow the story.