Jim Harshaw on How to Achieve More Success Through Failure

In this episode of The Good Dad Project Podcast, Larry talks about success and failure with championship wrestler Jim Harshaw.

Will UFC 200 Solidify Its Dominance Over Boxing?

Diaz – McGregor rematch set for July 9.

World’s Most Epic Snowball Fight

In Japan, they take their snowballs very, very seriously. Yukigassen a snowball fight tournament with annual championships.

It’s College Basketball Season and a Chance to Win the ‘Ultimate Home Court Advantage’ Sweepstakes

Why we love sports reason #7,523. Win big with more than $25,000 in prizes with hhgregg and #MyHomeCourt.

5 Tips to Help Your Son Think Like a Champion

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.”-Muhammad Ali

Love and Losing: A Bonding Story

What is more important when picking a favorite sports team: tradition or location? Larry Bernstein shares losing, love, and baseball with his 9-year-old son.

Major Pain Comes Before Major Gain

Tim O’Connor examines how Jason Dufner’s PGA Championship victory proved once again that to win spectacularly at most anything, you had to have failed spectacularly.

Dear John: Ungrateful Birthday Boyfriends

A boyfriend selling a birthday gift, failing platonic wingmen, and the chance to pitch in for a championship ring.

The Royal Rumble: A 30-Man Pro Wrestling Brawl Turns 25 (Part 1)

In preparation for the most anticipated Royal Rumble in a decade, Jericho Ricardi reviews the highlights of its twenty-five-year history.

An Open Letter to Yankee Fans

CJ Kaplan to Yankees supporters: It’s called losing gracefully. Try it.

#whodwin Wednesday Championships: “… and the winner is …”

This is it.

Boise State Is Your Favorite Football Team

If you watch college football, or just care about the concept of fairness, you’ll root for the Boise State Broncos this season.

Game: Black Texas Teen Wins $40K Chess Scholarship

Chess competitor from East Palo Alto wins scholarship to Texas Tech.

Keeping the Faith: A Love Letter to the Futile Franchises

When the going gets tough, auctioning your loyalty isn’t an option.