Saying Goodbye: Why it’s Okay to Leave Some People in the Past

leave behind

Yael Kaufman on handling the loss of relationships

Superhuman: 5 Ways to Embrace the Power of a New Consciousness


Howard Falco provides five suggestions to help us live in a more awakened and powerful state of creative consciousness.

The Courage To Change—To Let Go Of Love

The Courage to Change To Let Go of Lofe photo by push 1

Graham Phoenix writes to a close friend about why the relationship the friend sought did not happen, about what his friend wants in life now.

Why Am I Here? GMP Published a Story About the Sex Trafficking of Boys That Nobody Else Would.


Award-winning poet and journalist Cameron Conaway on why he thinks The Good Men Project is a mission worth keeping alive.

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Communication

photo by glumaiolini

Kevin DeSoto believes that understanding the basics behind communication can change everything.

Love, Money, and Conquering the World One Change at a Time

Some things money cant buy photo by giumaiolini

Anthony Carter suggests you ask yourself “What can you offer that will change someone?”

Laugh At Yourself: The 11 Ways Over-Thinking Is The Reason You’re Miserable


Figure out if the reason you’re not enjoying life all the time is that you’re taking it a bit too seriously.

“I Miss You. U Wanna Meet Up?”: Breaking Up with Our Sexters


Kristie Christie tells the story of the time that she and her now husband, David, broke up with their sexters and flirt-texters in the name of creating space for real life intimacy.

Try Giving These Things Up for Lent—And See How They Bring You Back to Life

Photo: Flickr / Brian Smithson

Giving up wine and chocolate may sound hard, but if you really want to be reborn, you’re going to have to give up some emotional bad habits.

Spend $20 on a Premium Membership. And See How Much You Get in Change.

photo by aturkus

We’re set on changing the negative stereotypes about men. Want to join us?

Back Off My Wife! My Jealousy of a Little Girl


Doug Zeigler used to get frustrated and angered by his daughter’s constant attempts to get his wife’s attention. But then he saw what was really the issue: his jealousy.

Don’t Go Back to Sleep: The World Desperately Needs You


How an article my wife sent me from a writer I’d never heard of changed my way of thinking. I think it will change yours, too.

Halfway Home?

the eye of london photo by odetothebigsea

Ten years ago, David Packman wrote a very short autobiographical story. Discovering it a decade later was like glimpsing himself through a way-back machine.

How to Maintain Your Sanity at the Cash Register

cash register

Tired of watching your coins fly off the stack of wrinkly bills shoved into your palm? I have you covered.

On French Presses and Diamonds: Turning Pressure Into Something Good

french presses and diamonds photo by mrkalolo

George Davis notes that pressure can be used to be great acts of creation. If only we let it.

The John Lennon Weight Loss Solution


James Fell talks about the myth of the quick fix and offers practical tips to get on a sustainable track to better health.