52 Week Plan to Completely Turn a Man’s Life Around: Week 3

lake man

To do for others, you first must do for yourself. Dyllon Charron, in his 52 week journey, talks about the merits of taking time for ourselves.

How I Flipped My Life Flipping Cars


Decide today to live life on purpose. Take a leap. You don’t have to spend your life doing something you don’t enjoy.

52 Week Plan to Completely Turn a Man’s Life Around: Week 2

running man

Our bodies are temples in which our minds reside. If you take care of the body, you take care of the mind.

Hold Your Own Feet to the Fire

feet to the fire

When it comes to changing habits, we know what doesn’t work. So what does work?

52 Week Plan to Completely Turn a Man’s Life Around: The First Leap


Tired & ready to give up, Dyllon Charron decided that instead of living a life he didn’t want, he was going to change it; one step at a time.

How Photographers Change The Way You Feel About War


Is risking your life for the perfect photo worth it? This video post takes a look.

7 Ways To Maintain Your Masculinity When In A Relationship

How to avoid being whipped.

Owning your masculinity means being sensitive to your inner drives, including your femininity. Are you man enough to face this?

The Courage To Listen


Put simply—listening creates vulnerability, vulnerability that scares us. No one likes to be vulnerable. Nobody likes to feel uncertain. None of us likes to even consider being wrong.

A Divorced Dad Reflects on Losing His Daughter Over, and Over, but Showing Up Anyway


Jeffrey Zeth’s daughter is graduating. He is going to lose her again. Losing her, it seems has been a constant theme in the world of divorce. Here is how he shows up anyway.

The Courage To Surrender


When you surrender to something bigger than yourself, you open the door to change and transformation. You step into the world of transcendence.

You Can Get There From Here


Resistance is the bane of any organizational change effort—or is it?

4 Ways Divorce Made Me a Better Man


Patrick Sallee wasn’t sure he’d survive his divorce. Three years later, he’s thriving.

I was Hacked and I Lived to Tell About it!


I was hacked in the fall of 2014. My first clue was my Task Manager was on overdrive. Stressed and sleepless, eventually panic overtook my healthy habits and replaced them with old comfort-junkie habits.

The Courage To Change


Change, even positive change, is hard for people to embrace. It’s a shift away from what they do and how they think; and, more importantly, it’s a shift away from who they are.

Self-Growth: How To Put Your Relationship At Risk

The dangers of self-growth

Can your relationship survive the personal growth experience? Steven Lake examines how personal development can put your relationship in jeopardy.

How a Bold Move Can Turn Your Life Around

jermaine warren

Jermaine Warren was down and unmotivated until a drastic move made a huge difference in his mood and outlook.