I Taught Myself About What It Means to Be a Man

The most important thing you can do is take action. Think, plan, and learn mean nothing if nothing is done.

New Models To Predict Recidivism Could Provide Better Way To Deter Repeat Crime

Is there a better way to predict whether someone once released will return behind bars?

5 Things I Would NEVER Do … Even for Love

Even love has its limits.

9 Reasons You Need to Stop Trying to Change Someone

More likely than not, you want to change them for the wrong reasons — selfish reasons.

“Who Taught my Baby Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?” Surviving the First Year of Fatherhood.

Brett Ortler takes us on a rollicking look at the changes that happened and the things he learned during his son’s first year of life.

Social Media, Future Trends

Lisa Hickey quickly highlights a few changing trends she sees in the Social Media landscape.

Guestpost #17: Eran Norton – Ten things I’ve learned from seeing a shrink

Eran is my friend from UBC. She is relentlessly positive, which is a good counterpoint to all the relentless negativity out there, and she’s a great writer. Here’s her bio: About Eran: Eran Norton is a 31-year old gal from Vancouver, Canada, who blogs about learning to live her life out loud at Ms. New […]