“Shouldn’t a Gentleman be Primarily Concerned with Doing the Right Thing?”


This comment by John Anderson on the post Return of the Gentleman

#YouCantBreakMe: These Bullying Victims Prove You Have To Go Through It To Get Through It (Video)


Many ‘beautiful’ people have battled through ugly pasts. In this video, you’ll see their testimonies.

The Science of Character: New 8 Min. Film by Tiffany Shlain #CharacterDay

Character Day, Let It Ripple, The Science of Character, Tiffany Schlain, character,

Finish this sentence: I want to be …

How Dodgeball Reveals Character

Dale Thomas Vaughn Throwing a Dodgeball

Yes, this is a game we played as children.
No, it is not a child’s game.

Hitting My Son


David Karpel on training his son in self-defense and character development.

How Not to Cheat

bride and groom, wedding, wedding ceremony, marriage, married, relationships, infidelity, cheating spouse, divorce, love, communication relationships, relationship therapist, marriage counselor, marriage advice infidelity

Marriage is simply hard work. But the good news is that attitude is everything.

Why I Hate the “N” Word

N-by nateOne-Flickr

John Nelson feels very strongly about the N-word. Here’s why.

The Year I Drove Around With “Character” Carved in My Door.

cheating husband_by denharsh_flickr

John Espinosa Nelson tells the story of the year he drove around with “F%*&ER” carved into his car door, and what he learned in the process.

23 Ways to Take Your Character to the Gym

Take your character to the gym photo by amslerpix

Could your character use a workout to make it as strong as your body? Vaughn Granier, with some suggestions.

Don’t Hand Matt Labrum ‘Coach of the Year’ Just Yet


Liam Day understands the feel good nature of the story of Union High School’s coach Matt Labrum suspending his students, but is it just a quick fix with no real impact?

Praising Sportsmanship, Raising Sportsmen


An inspirational story and a reminder that “Sporting” has two definitions.

What I’ve Learned About Real Life From Writing Online


I’ve written over 400 articles and blogs over the past three years. It’s been great practice for my writing — and great to help me keep my ego in check too.

Major Pain Comes Before Major Gain

jason dufner, golf, PGA

Tim O’Connor examines how Jason Dufner’s PGA Championship victory proved once again that to win spectacularly at most anything, you had to have failed spectacularly.

“The fixer personality may be more common in men (maybe!), but it’s not exclusive to men. There are fixers and listeners in both genders.”


These are comments by Alastair and Steve on the post “Men Only Want to Fix Things and Women Only Want You to Listen? Really? (Video)”.

What Our (Straight, Married) Best Man Taught Me About the Value of Family

backyard parties, family gatherings, celebrating milestones, gratitude, blessings, best man, family men, gay uncles

A best man supports the marriage of his friends, long after the reception.

A Person Is Not a Closet

closeted men, gay men in straight relationships, coming out, athletes coming out, pro athletes in the closet, masculinity, engagement, marriage, starting a family, living a lie

Did Jason Collins use his former fiancee, Carolyn Moos?