6 Ways Being a Single Dad Made Me a Better Man

  Philip Murphy found a sure fire way to build character. He became a single dad. Here is how it changed him. — In 2012, I found myself responsible for a tiny human being. For various reasons, my child’s mother was in and out of the picture and I found myself nearly completely responsible for […]

Humility: The Road Less Traveled

Ramsey Marshall reflects on a long-lost quality that’s desperately needed today.

Character Clues: How Someone Treats Those Least Important To Them Matters

Theresa Byrne recalls a valuable lesson: “You can tell the character of someone based on how they treat the person least important to them.” ___ Where can we look for examples of character? Can we recognize character when we see it? Kent Sanders, writer and creative coach, wrote a terrific article about subtle clues we can use […]

Would You Give Up All Emotion to Be Free of Regret?

After a car accident left her with “emotional amnesia” Theresa Byrne was dismayed that the first emotion to return was one she’d always considered useless.

4 Subtle Clues That Reveal a Man’s Character

How you speak to people reveals who you really are.

On Dating: 5 Things the Pickup Artists Were Right About After All

Aaron Tang is no pickup artist. But he’s picked up some nuggets of wisdom about what women want in a man.

The True Human Currency is Integrity

Lee Peyton sees a shift away from community values and a time when people stood by their word.

A Tough Dad Lays Out the 4 Most Important Foundations for His Kids

A dad who has successfully raised his three sons outlines the four criteria he feels are important for a young person to be successful in life. Here they are.

Ten Lessons to Help Our Sons Grow Gracefully

Connie K. Grier shares 10 ways parents of boys can help their sons to grow with grace.

In Praise Of Emotionally Strong Women

Jordan Gray is grateful for every single tear that has ever been kissed away… or left to dry on someone’s face in the presence of a strong woman. —– Here’s to the emotionally strong women… The women that have done their work. The women that know the value of self-love and self-care. The women that hold […]

7 Things I Now Realize I’ve Learned From Sports

Justin Ricklefs’ Life Lessons from Sports

No More NFL For Me

Gint Aras has always been a football fan. But he can no longer associate himself with that culture.

2 Ways to Maintain Your Sanity, Even if You’ve Lost Everything Else in Life

When everything else seems like a lost cause, remember these two things.

7 Things That Attract A Partner More Than Money And Cars

Jordan Gray says that drive, spontaneity, and vulnerability attract women more than money or flashy cars ever will.

Finding a ‘Gym’ for Our Characters

Let’s be unique people who have chosen to be increasingly resilient, empathic, kind and good. More faithful and wise, today, than yesterday. And better tomorrow than today.

The Last Personality Quiz You Will Ever Need: A Storyteller’s Guide to the Examined Life

Steve Edwards wants you to know that thinking about your life as a story will tell you way more about your personality than any online quiz ever could.