A Dad’s Inspiration is a White Woman from Alabama Who Helps Kids in Africa

John calls out a white woman who dedicates time helping kids in Africa. He tells why she has special meaning in his heart.

You Can Still Find Role Models in the NFL

Despite players like the Jets’ Sheldon Richardson bringing negative attention to the league, there is still a great deal of good in the league. One of the best resides in Dallas and proves you can still find role models in the NFL.

John Cena: The Make a Wish Foundation’s Undisputed Champion

John Cena has inspired millions in the ring as a WWE wrestler and is turning heads in Amy Schumer’s hit film, Trainwreck. His biggest impact, however, may be the work he does with The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

What It’s Like To Work A Suicide Hotline

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to work at a suicide hotline.

What do Orphans Say on Fathers Day?

No, there is NOT a punchline, and this is no joke.

Giving a Big Check to Charity May Not Make a Big Impact

Learn how to make a difference instead of just a donation.

Equality Before the Law—2014

Matthew Rozsa explains the difference between the perception of equality and the reality of discrimination.

Parenting Tips from a Homeless Man

What the homeless can teach us about raising children.

The End

What do we do when we know we are going to die? Look to Sam Simon for inspiration.

A Dad Sounds Off on the “Thank You” Seekers

Where are the days where good deeds were their own reward? This dad wants them back and the attention seeking to end.

When #GivingTuesday Meets ‘Fire John Idzik’: Urging Fans To Spend Good Money After Good

Mike Kasdan implores fans to direct their passion and support into the organizations doing the work in our communities that matters.

3 Successful Men That Every Guy Needs to Know About

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Reclaiming Wonder From Above our Small Blue Home

We live on a fragile, small planet in a wondrous huge universe. We have to give it the care and respect it needs to sustain us.

Aaron Rodgers Surprises a Young Girl and Does Some Good For the NFL

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers proves there are still good men in the NFL and melts our heart.

Grass Roots Fundraising Goes Global

In 2014 the Global Volunteer Network’s international Eat So They Can fundraiser is gearing up for its biggest party yet.

Beer in Portland is Fighting Homelessness

What if charity were a celebration instead of a solitary and sober act? Pints of beer in Portland, Oregon are changing the world.