One Sexual Partner Was Not Enough For My Ex-Husband


She thought they were meeting friends. She didn’t expect those friends to have their clothes off and swapping partners. — The “Alternative Lifestyle/Swinging” is a practice from the sixties and the Sexual Revolution. Obviously, it has not ended. It’s not just in the areas you would expect to find it–it is hidden quietly in middle-class […]

Why I Said NO to a One Night Stand With a Beautiful Woman


He was at a conference, thousands of miles away from his wife. She was gorgeous, and they could easily sneak off to his hotel room. What would you do? — Have you ever experienced the feeling of time stopping or slowing down?  We all seen it in movies. The slow-mo effect is used in movies […]

4 Ways to Not Lose a Good Girl


You go about your relationship comfortable, thinking everything is OK. You could be losing her.  — She will be with someone that makes an effort every day to put a smile on her face. WARNING: Get comfortable in a relationship, and it will die. Let me repeat that, get com-for-ta-ble in a relationship, and it-will-die. […]

Three Ways to Not Get Stuck in Post-Divorce Quicksand

3 Ways to Not Get Stuck by Jenny Kanevsky

How Jenny Kanevsky reframed her thinking after divorce.

6 Ways Social Media Use is Harming Our Relationships


Social media has connected us to people we love all over the world, but has it hurt real connection?  — Imagine for a moment your most recent conversation in person. No, not the conversation you had with text, private message on Facebook, direct message on Twitter, or any other way than in person. Think of […]

How Sex Isn’t the Only Form of Infidelity in Relationships These Days


Ongoing love demands we remain vulnerable and free, that we pay attention to our partner. So put your phone down and dial into what’s in front of you.

“My Friends Think I’m Cheating But It’s Just Sex.”

no strings attached

Heather Gray gets real: No strings attached sex cuts the strings attached between you and your boyfriend.

Oxymoron: Why People Who Condone ‘Ethical’ Cheating Have It All Wrong


Cheating adults need to take consideration of other people’s feelings before flying the coop to the ‘greener side’ of the fence.

What No One is Saying About the Ashley Madison Hack


When a man is emotionally out of integrity, is it better to lie about the desire to cheat?

I Married an Abuser: Should I Try to Salvage My Marriage?

Screen shot 2015-07-11 at 11.31.09 PM

Is there hope for a relationship afflicted with abuse? Chris Armstrong doesn’t think so, and here’s why.

How I’m Conquering My Fear of Men

How I'm Conquering by Ashley Webb

Despite past mistakes, Liz Furl is determined to have healthy, respect-based relationships with the men in her life.

What All My Broken Relationships Have Taught Me About Love


Bad relationships and the things that hurt taught her how to appreciate true love. — Over the years of dating, I’ve found that after each break-up, I’d be bitter. On the flip side, I’ve remained civil with most of my exes. I’ve always been a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason—and I […]

5 Reasons Why I Stay When Divorce Seems Easier


She had so many reasons to leave but decided to fight for the person she committed to. — A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook asking others to please stop coming up to her and telling her that her husband is already out in public with his new girlfriend. She knew and didn’t need […]

Inside the SECRET Life of a Married Man


She thought she was simply meeting a friend for drinks. His confession of cheating with prostitutes led to this revelation.  — “What does Resistance feel like? First, unhappiness. We feel like hell. A low-grade misery pervades everything. We’re bored, we’re restless. We can’t get no satisfaction. There’s guilt but we can’t put our finger on the […]

An Affair Does Not Have to End a Marriage


The man she loved broke her heart by seeking comfort from another woman. Here’s how she healed.  — When I took my vows, I meant every word of them. The problem was somewhere along the line, my husband forgot his and chose to have an affair. I had several options: I could divorce him and become […]

6 Things About Love You Can Only Know After Being Cheated On


Being cheated on is the ultimate betrayal. But you will survive, and you will learn how to find love again.