Relationship Status: It’s (Not) Complicated


JD Roberto insists that the whole idea of a “complicated” relationship is a just a refusal to take responsibility.

9 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Cheat (Or So You Think)

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Orin Hahn explains the ways in which cheating sometimes feels so right.

If the Shoes Fits, Cheat

cheat-voyles-photo-by-Kyrre Gjerstad

Aaron W. Voyles comes clean about his past and offers insights into other young men’s futures.

After the Affair: Quieting the Movie In Your Mind

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After you’ve been betrayed, a tape starts to play in your head. On repeat. Amy Daves offers guidance on changing the channel.

“Women seeking married men for noncommittal sex. OK?”


Top 4 Reasons Why Some Single Women Go After Married Men

At The Tips Of Our Thumbs: How Smartphones And Dating Apps Have Made Cheating Easy


The scourge of dating? Technology. How do you keep your relationship together in the era of the smartphone? A writer ponders the question.

5 Steps To Take In Order To Protect Your Relationship From Infidelity


A relationship coach gives honest advice on how to keep your union cheater free.

“The best reason remains ‘it’s so terribly complicated’” [What Reason Do You Have for Not Cheating?]

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1 Reason Why I Don’t Cheat

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The editor of the Good Men Project’s Marriage section explains why he doesn’t cheat.

Reddit, Answered It: She Kissed A Girl, And Lied About It

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He caught his longtime girlfriend making out with another girl, who was a good friend. More than once. Now what?

What to Do if Your Wife is Having an Affair

The Still Sad Music of Humanity Photo by Patrick Doheny

Mort Fertel gives you ways to rebuild a relationship in the wake of infidelity.

Been Through A Messy Break-up? Then You May Suffer From Pistanthrophobia

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Pistanthrophobia is something that you bring on every date you go on after a bad break-up. It prevents you from being able to love fully. Danny Baker explains some simple ways you can get past it.

How Cheating on My Girlfriend Changed Me

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Christopher Carter Sanderson cheated on a girlfriend just once. And here is why it was the only time.

When Dads Cheat


Never open your mouth during a Flour War. And never, ever, cheat at Capture the Flag. William Lucas Walker learns some hard lessons at father-son camp.

From Two Sides: Mismatched Sex Drives

Communication. Use it.

Brandy and Leoance Williams share their perspectives on relationships affected by mismatched sex drives.

The Year I Drove Around With “Character” Carved in My Door.

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John Espinosa Nelson tells the story of the year he drove around with “F%*&ER” carved into his car door, and what he learned in the process.