How Do You Define Cheating?

How you do know when your partner crosses that line, or when you do?

I Cheated and I Got Caught

Tommy Maloney confesses. ___ Yes the title is correct—“I cheated and I got caught”—but before the hate mail starts up, please hear me out. I meant no harm by my actions, because I was actually doing it for the right reasons—until it recently backfired in my face. Who knew that after all these years the so-called lie would come […]

Avoiding The Sexual Affair When You’re Emotionally Involved

You’ve seen this scenario play out before, this is how work affairs start. And they never have a happy ending.

Dear Dad: The One With the Probable ‘Booty Call’

A reader turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice on her potential new relationship.

Dude, I Think She’s Cheating and It’s Your Own Fault

The truth can hurt, but sometimes you have to face it anyway.

Danger: How to Know If You’re Having an Emotional Affair

Unsure what makes it an emotional affair? These six warning signs provide a good idea of what to avoid.

Avoiding Temptation, How Not to Cheat

Despite temptation, you can stay true to yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

In Modern Relationships, We Cheat Every Single Day

This type of cheating causes much more damage than that of any sexual affair.

When ‘Married Sex’ Is Not at All What You Think It Is

An interview with author Jesse Kornbluth.

Married Sex: An Excerpt

“It’s not cheating if your wife is there.” A chapter from Jesse Kornbluth’s new novel.

Saving a Marriage from the Shame of Infidelity

Shame is so ugly, it’s the least studied human experience. We don’t want to touch, talk, read, or think about it. John Harrison, a licensed counselor, explains why. — A new couple coming to me for counseling greet me at the door to my office for their Monday 11 a.m. appointment. They enter with a […]

5 Ways Someone Can Cheat On You That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

Why make promises if you’re planning to break them? Why give someone hope of a better, happier future when you’re planning on taking it away?

One Sexual Partner Was Not Enough For My Ex-Husband

She thought they were meeting friends. She didn’t expect those friends to have their clothes off and swapping partners. — The “Alternative Lifestyle/Swinging” is a practice from the sixties and the Sexual Revolution. Obviously, it has not ended. It’s not just in the areas you would expect to find it–it is hidden quietly in middle-class […]

Why I Said NO to a One Night Stand With a Beautiful Woman

He was at a conference, thousands of miles away from his wife. She was gorgeous, and they could easily sneak off to his hotel room. What would you do? — Have you ever experienced the feeling of time stopping or slowing down?  We all seen it in movies. The slow-mo effect is used in movies […]

4 Ways to Not Lose a Good Girl

You go about your relationship comfortable, thinking everything is OK. You could be losing her.  — She will be with someone that makes an effort every day to put a smile on her face. WARNING: Get comfortable in a relationship, and it will die. Let me repeat that, get com-for-ta-ble in a relationship, and it-will-die. […]

Three Ways to Not Get Stuck in Post-Divorce Quicksand

How Jenny Kanevsky reframed her thinking after divorce.