Hey Chelsea Handler, It’s Not OK To Make Fat Jokes About Men

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What’s funny about Chelsea Handler making a fat joke about Andy Richter? Not much, says Nikki Gloudeman.

It Takes Balls: Confessions from Comedian and Unprepared Single Dad Josh Wolf

Josh Wolf Photo_Credit BRAD BUCKMAN

“Kids come first but if you don’t find time to have a few beers and see a naked woman or two, you’re going to be miserable which will make you a bad parent.”

Headline Across America: “Snooki NOT Pregnant!”

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Thank God, but is this news?

Help Wanted: Little Person


“A 45 year old guy who just got done smoking a cigarette has to sit there reading a six year-old’s lines so they can get the camera angles right.”

The Bachelor, Feminism and China

photo by hulagway

Tom Matlack seeks to understand the conundrum of how we talk about what we talk about.

Jezebel Readers Love to Hate Me

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My piece “Gaga & Chelsea’s Uncommon Connection” just went up over at Jezebel and the fireworks have begun.

Gaga, Chelsea, and Manhood

Gaga and Chelsea

Lady Gaga and Chelsea Handler are good for men.

‘The Hendricks Syndrome’: Fall TV Returns to the ’60s, When Gender Roles Were Less Messy


The producers of “Pan Am” and “The Playboy Club” risk paying tribute to these specific, unequal gender roles in a way that may contest our country’s recent strides toward equality.

Cleavage or Soul?

Jhumpa Lahiri

What women do we love? Let’s think about that for a minute.