Sex Education, Please

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The worst case scenario of a poor sex education is not an unhealthy sexual identity. It’s the unplanned birth of a child.

Drive Less, Save Your Soul

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Jackson Bliss explains why driving, social disconnection and cultural narcissism are all interconnected

How Nearly Dying Brought Me Close to My Father

father, snow death, wolfgang brolley, chicago, running, divorce, guilt, parental break up, survival, tears, death, freezing

What nearly freezing to death taught me about my Dad.

The Battle Between Ignorant Rap And Savior Hip-Hop And What It Says About Our Society


Conscious rap, or hip-’pop’? The eternal battle for hip-hop heads.

Top 3 Education Myths and How They Affect Men

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What would happen if we admitted most of what we say to young people about education is false?

Woman Diagnosed With Cancer, Is Immediately Fired, The State of Our Union Is Strong

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This story begs the question: how can we go about improving social mobility, bringing more people into the middle class, and closing the widening income gap when inhumane shit like this isn’t universally agreed upon as illegal, and requires the judgement of our flawless justice system?

This Was the Hardest Thing Anybody Ever Made Me Do

the hardest thing anyone made me do

A young man is given the task of investigating his own curiosity.

How My Final Suicide Attempt Attracted My First Mentor

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Six years ago today Chicago native Richard Taylor was recovering from a suicide attempt, today he’s a best-selling author and a mentor to countless youth. If you ask him how he did it, he’ll tell you: Mentoring works!

Mentor of Chicago Girl Who Died After Performing for Obama Speaks Out


Richard Taylor used to feel as if he failed Hadiya Pendleton, because as her mentor he couldn’t stop the bullet. Now he realizes he failed the young killers.

How To Stay In Love

Jackson Bliss, Erika Bliss, Jackson and Erika Bliss, The Bliss Family, How to Stay in Love, Good Men Project, Lyrical Essay, Love Essay, Love Poem, Love Poetry

Both a lyrical essay and a love poem, Jackson Bliss writes this tender and fiercely beautiful piece about the love of his life

Music: The Cure for the Common Breakup


“Without a soundtrack, human interaction is meaningless.” – Chuck Klosterman

After 30 Years in Prison, Judge Releases Inmate Whose Testimony Was Beaten Out of Him


False confessions alone account for about 25 of wrongful convictions exposed by DNA, and many others derive from testimony by witnesses who are coerced through both poor treatment and incentives.

A Boy’s Life Is Changed On A Jamaican Road

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Some lessons change a life. Some lessons change as many as they can. Jeff Bogle shares the moment that changed his . . .

Tears of Our Fathers

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This past October the 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention was held. It was a success. Here is Dad on the Run’s take on the experience.

The Argument for Chicago Deep Dish

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Nick Jurczak refutes the claims that John Stewart and other New Yorkers have made about Deep Dish pizza, reiterating why Chicago is #1 in terms of pizza.

The Unashamed Life: Consistency


Motivational Speaker Richard Taylor on Consistency.