Wanted: Superhero for my Children!

I strive to teach my son about superheroes, and they are not professional football players. They are men who return love to diffuse hate.

A Father’s Story: The Hopeful End to Generational Madness

It’s time to stop the legacy of pain and shame that goes with being a man, and a father.

The Child, the Monster, and the Adult in Me

In my quietest moments, my monster, my child, and my adult all feel that this might work.

The Loss of Innocence

He was a sweet little boy who loved life until the unspeakable changed him. — Sorting through a stack of boxes in a rare attempt to organize my life, I stumble across a decades-old photograph stuck to the back of a college textbook. I haven’t seen this photo in years. The colors have faded with […]

Late Nights Are for the Broken-Hearted

Danica Barnett shares a painful story of how abusive partners continue to haunt and assault their victims, as real-life monsters whose memories never fade.

Institutionalized Rape Culture in Youth Sports: 3 Valuable Lessons

Governing bodies for youth sports don’t intentionally condone child sexual abuse, but there’s much more they can do to protect children, says Dani Bostick.

Rape Jokes: Comedians, Please Stop Using My Trauma for Your Material

Do survivors a solid, would you? Stop pretending that people who get hurt are too sensitive.

Is Bullying Worse Than Child Abuse When it Comes to Mental Health?

New research suggests bullied children are more likely to report mental health problems compared to those who are maltreated.

Escaping From My Father’s Violence

Ty Phillips grew up under the shadow of violence. But he’s made sure it doesn’t darken his own home.

A Belated Thank You to My Mother

Ty Phillips remembers the day his mother took the fall to stand between him and hurt.

Do You Want to Talk Seriously About Men?

Thomas Fiffer challenges the media to engage in a serious, two-sided conversation about the roles and responsibilities of men and women in breaking the cycle of violence and abuse.

The Year In Sports: A Look Back at the Biggest Stories of 2014

From the Sochi Olympics to the NFL’s epicly bad year to the World Cup to athletes speaking out in the wake of police killings, Mike Kasdan reviews all the biggest stories we covered this year at The Good Men Project Sports

Does Spanking Hurt Children? Our Writers Speak Out

It’s long been accepted as normal, even necessary, but research indicates it is ineffective and possibly damaging. What is your opinion on spanking?

My Father Beat Me For Not Being a Racist

He didn’t know why his father wanted MLK dead, and he didn’t know what the KKK was. But he knew his father was a racist, and he wasn’t going to be like him.

Why I Believe My Son’s Life is Safer if He Questions Authority

Respect for authority is great, but blind obedience can leave a child open to all kinds of abuse.