How Men Face Their Trauma

Sean Swaby tells his story of trauma and healing.

Connecticut Holds Transgender Girl in Male Adult Prison

Bathrooms are not the only battleground for transgender rights. Peter LaBerge speaks in the persona of a Connecticut trans girl, incarcerated alongside men.

I Am The Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse

I am the victim of childhood sexual abuse. __ Trigger warning* – Sexual Abuse I am the victim of childhood sexual abuse. I write candidly about coping with the sexual abuse at the hands of my grandfather on my blog. My blog is about the isolation from my parents. It is about looking at the scary things […]

It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child: Sexual Abuse and Healing

Healing from sexual abuse is very much like healing from any kind of trauma or abuse; it happens one day at a time.

“Spotlight” Shines Despite Its Unsettling Subject Matter

The must-see movie that tells the true story of the Boston Catholic Church child abuse cover-up

The Messages I Learned to Tell Myself

Uncomfortable. Irritated. Hateful. But whatever happened to supportive?

Sex With Minors? It’s Always Rape

Children cannot give consent. The answer is always no. The act is always rape.

The Culture We Deny

We’ve barely begun to address the dragon in the room.

Wanted: Superhero for my Children!

I strive to teach my son about superheroes, and they are not professional football players. They are men who return love to diffuse hate.

A Father’s Story: The Hopeful End to Generational Madness

It’s time to stop the legacy of pain and shame that goes with being a man, and a father.

The Child, the Monster, and the Adult in Me

In my quietest moments, my monster, my child, and my adult all feel that this might work.

The Loss of Innocence

He was a sweet little boy who loved life until the unspeakable changed him. — Sorting through a stack of boxes in a rare attempt to organize my life, I stumble across a decades-old photograph stuck to the back of a college textbook. I haven’t seen this photo in years. The colors have faded with […]

Late Nights Are for the Broken-Hearted

Danica Barnett shares a painful story of how abusive partners continue to haunt and assault their victims, as real-life monsters whose memories never fade.

Institutionalized Rape Culture in Youth Sports: 3 Valuable Lessons

Governing bodies for youth sports don’t intentionally condone child sexual abuse, but there’s much more they can do to protect children, says Dani Bostick.

Rape Jokes: Comedians, Please Stop Using My Trauma for Your Material

Do survivors a solid, would you? Stop pretending that people who get hurt are too sensitive.

Is Bullying Worse Than Child Abuse When it Comes to Mental Health?

New research suggests bullied children are more likely to report mental health problems compared to those who are maltreated.