Why I’m OK with Not Wanting to be a Dad

Choosing to be “child-free” is not a selfish or unnatural decision.

“If our urge to stay away from kids is constantly enabled, does our society become even more child unfriendly than it is?”

No one likes flying on a plane with a screaming child next to them. Some airlines are considering offering child-free sections that you can pay to sit in, but Pedro wonders if that would come with more than a monetary cost.

The Childfree Life

I could have been a decent, if reluctant, father, just like my own father was. I’ve made a different choice.

The New Normal

Greg White reflects on the choices he’s made as a gay man, including the choice not to become a father.

My Response to ‘The Good Men Project: The Day I Went for an Abortion’

What is the worth of one life?

It’s Time to Open Up Your Closet

We all have our own closets.