Childhood Horror: 5 Ways to Identify Abuse


Sometimes your children are crying for help in ways we cannot understand.

Why I Believe My Son’s Life is Safer if He Questions Authority

little boy

Respect for authority is great, but blind obedience can leave a child open to all kinds of abuse.

How Long Have I Felt Alone?

How Long Have I Felt Alone by Boris SV

Sexual abuse survivor David Pittman’s constant search for connection left him feeling more and more alone, until he finally got help.

Figuring Out How to Be a Penn State Fan In the Post-Sandusky World

Figuring Out How to Be a Penn State Fan In the Post-Sandusky World

Like many Penn State alum, Larry Bernstein was horrified by the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal and wonders if rooting for his alma mater will ever be the same.

More Than Words; Explaining Rape to Your Child


It’s a sad day when the word Rape tossed around the playground and you have to explain what it means

The H.E.R.O. Corps

for the hero corps by protect

We throw the word hero around a little too casually these days. Here are some men who earn the title.

The Hasidic Community Covered Up My Abuse

luzer_childhood 580x350

Like in the Weberman trial, Luzer Twersky was a victim of sexual abuse within his Hasidic community, and he tells the truth about modesty committees.

There Is Nothing I Love More Than A Good Redemption Story

rape culture-- juliejordonscott

Mythologizing the coaches of Penn State threatens to erase the suffering of the victims.

Jim’ll Fux It


What forces might have made Jimmy Savile a sexual predator and allowed him to get away with it all his life? Ben Belenus on our personal sex gods.

Boy Scouts Covered Up Sexual Abuse of Children


Unknown numbers of boys have been victimized by a rape culture that’s simply taken for granted.

Highest-Ranking Catholic Cleric Convicted in Child Sex Abuse Scandal

About freaking time. Father Robert W. Finn was convicted of failing to report child sexual abuse since he did not report a priest, Reverend Shawn Ratigan, who had hundreds of lewd pictures of young girls, many of them taken with a personal camera. As a bishop, he is the highest-ranked US cleric ever convicted of […]

“But Why Didn’t You Say Something?”


Gretl Claggett recognized the silence people kept around the Sandusky case, even when they knew they should speak up. It was the same silence she grew up in.

Gay Single Father, Wrongly Accused of Molestation of Daughters, Exonerated


Mark Greene asks, “Why is there a cultural bias against single men raising children?”

Body Safety Skills For Kids


Jayneen Sanders, author of “Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept” offers a simple curriculum to teach kids how to protect their own bodily integrity.

Penn State

Trigger warning for rape. I really don’t want to talk about Penn State. I’m pretty sure that you can tell that I don’t want to talk about Penn State, because this post comes approximately two weeks after everyone stopped caring about Penn State. But apparently a post will not write itself if I just ignore the […]