I’m a Victim of Child Sexual Abuse – Am I Courageous?

Is admitting being a victim of child sexual abuse courageous? ___ There are times I doubt this power as I look at myself in the mirror. I am still remarkably human. The hair fades in color and quantity. The waist still expands as if my stomach had a mind of its own. I still have […]

What You Need to Know About Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse

A survivor of abuse offers an easy and actionable list to help keep your kids safe.

You’re Wrong if You Think All Pedophiles are Required to Register

All over the country, pedophiles are released into the community without having to register as sex offenders. Sound outrageous? It is much more common than you think.

Rape Jokes: Comedians, Please Stop Using My Trauma for Your Material

Do survivors a solid, would you? Stop pretending that people who get hurt are too sensitive.

Mary Kay LeTourneau is Not a Lover, She’s a Rapist

We cannot allow the media to romanticize and downplay child sexual assault. This is not a love story. This is a horrifying story of abuse.

21 Advocates for Men and Boys Who Don’t Hate Women

Believe it or not, there are people out there who support women while sticking up for men. Christopher Anderson lists 21 of them.

Facing the Reality of Sibling Sexual Abuse

Sibling abuse is one of the least understood forms of sexual abuse happening to children. Dr. Robin Landwehr explores why we tend to minimize it, and how dangerous that can be.

Why Are We Indifferent to Male Rape Victims?

Andrew Smiler wonders why we give so little public attention to boys and men who have been sexually assaulted or raped.

How Silence Led To 1400 Children Being Sexually Abused

The authorities and staff entrusted to protect vulnerable people were too scared to do so. Andrew Lawes wants to help you speak out against abuse

An Open Letter to Richard Dawkins

Male Survivor Executive Director Chris Anderson pleads with Richard Dawkins to stop diminishing the experiences of other survivors.

On Healing: Break Down Your Walls

It still amazes Randy Ellison how much strength and peace can come from letting go.

The Child Is Always the Victim – Yes, Even If He’s a Boy

Chris Anderson explains that when the media frames male victims of sexual abuse as “lovers”, the world becomes a less safe place for children.

Please, Don’t Tell Survivors of Abuse To “Get Over It”

Please, says David Pittman, be careful what you say to those in pain.

Sasha Joseph Neulinger Is a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse: Why Isn’t He Angry?

We all know anger isn’t conducive to healing from abuse. But how do we stop being angry?

What I Wish I Had Known

Svava Brooks explains that you cannot heal your life if you keep giving your power to the people that hurt you then and are hurting you now.

Sexual Violence: It Really is a Men’s Issue

Conversations about sexual violence relegate men to two roles: Bystander or Perpetrator. It’s time to add the third role: Survivor.