How to Teach Your Kids to be Mini DIYers

Teaching your child how to be a do-it-yourselfer around the house can have multiple benefits. Here are some tips to get them involved.

Would You Give Your Life For The One You Love?

Steven Lake asks himself the ultimate knight-in-shining armor question, and discovers a few surprises.

With My Daughter at the County Fair

A father reflects on his changing relationship with his growing daughter in Benjamin Myers’s tender poem.

The Rest of Us

Tom Mallouk subtly and profoundly takes on on the painful subject of boyhood sexual abuse in this wrenching poem.

The Leopard

Joy Ladin employs a stark, visceral metaphor in this account of an unforgettable childhood lesson.


Dean Kostos uses the tight repetition of the ghazal form to create a powerful meditation on boyhood and growth.

Children Love the Dumps

Much can be learned from detritus. For Stephen Scott Whitaker, the dump is where children can “study the worst of us.”

A Short Guide to Firing Your Special-Needs Health Care Provider

In Part 10 of the series, “Every Family Has a Story,” Darla Johnson helps you think through the options if you need to change your special-needs child’s health care provider.


English poet Anne Lawrence Bradshaw reflects on her grandfather’s World War II service and its impact on her father.

My Father Buys a Ballroom in Shanghai, China, 1944

Lois Roma-Deeley shows how our parents can surprise us in this poem, which is a “war story” in every sense of the term.

Something Like Icarus

Adele Kenny invokes the classic myth to tell us something about childhood and fear…

Counter Clockwise

Telaina Eriksen recalls the surreal, backwards feeling that many of us felt on 9/11.

Chimney Swifts

Seldom does one see a coming-of-age story as stark and as inventive as Marc Frazier’s award-winning poem.

Letter to My Daughter

Joy Ladin captures both a parent’s love and a sense of deep loss in this villanelle.


A veteran father strategizes how to communicate with his ill child in Randy Brown’s sweet and unsettling poem.

Screw Finding Your Passion

You already found your passion, you’re just ignoring it.