Why We Tell Our Story and How It Liberates Us


Telling our story of abuse does not erase it, but it is part of the work that is needed to heal.

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being a Man: Jed Diamond


Jed Diamond, Ph.D., says accepting ourselves as men (and women) means accepting ourselves in all areas of our lives.

How Childhood Trauma Can Wreck Your Relationship and What You Can Do to Heal


Childhood trauma damages our brains, but healing can occur. Jed Diamond, PhD, explains how to identify — and change — our self-limiting beliefs.

Forgotten Childhood Traumas


These past echoes can destroy your marriage and harm your children

How Childhood Trauma Affects Us As We Grow

childhood abuse and LOC

When you fail, is it your fault? When you succeed, is it just dumb luck? Garen Amirian explains how your views on failure and success could link back to your childhood.

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A man’s brave journey from childhood abuse to self love, redemption and hope. As told by Christian M. Lyons.

Question: “ARE WE THERE YET?” Answer: “WE ARE ON OUR WAY.”


On the progress we’ve made serving male survivors and debunking the myths of childhood sexual abuse.

Telling the Family


A survivor recalls the experience of telling his family about his childhood abuse.

Why Do I Have to Talk About My Abuse?


At a seminar titled “When Someone You Love Was Abused,” Cecil Murphey discovers profound answers to brave questions.

Sometimes Trauma Resurfaces When We’re Best Ready to Cope With It


“But why did it surface now?” I asked myself that question many times during the first year of my struggle with the molestation.

Sexual Violence: It Really is a Men’s Issue


Conversations about sexual violence relegate men to two roles: Bystander or Perpetrator. It’s time to add the third role: Survivor.

The Invisible Fist of Verbal Abuse


The adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is challenged by this gut-wrenching recount of a childhood gone completely awry.

The Power of the Personal in Politics


With our voices united we could turn stories from male survivors of childhood sexual abuse into action.

“Forgiveness is not a verb, but a place that one gradually arrives at after internal work.”


This is a comment by Drew on the post “Why Forgiving Others Makes Life Better For You”.

“My deepest thanks to the Sandusky accusers most, and also to everyone else involved.”


This is a comment by W.R.R. on the post “Viral Thank-You Letter to the Sandusky Survivors”.