OMG OMG OMG OMG! Tales of a (not-reluctant) fanboy.

photo by RyC behind the lens

JJ Vincent knows that when he runs into a pop-icon he truly admires, he will end up being totally un-cool. And he’s cool with that.

My Dad and the Eternal Kite

kite 2

Adam Barr’s father comes through for him on grey cold day with a kite.

In Utero

alcoholism in families, My First Drink, alcoholism, drug addiction, sobriety

For Drew Diaz, trouble with alcohol began early.

What Happened When I Told: A Boy’s Sexual Assault Story

sexual violence against boys, male survivors

The neighbor boy came into my room and asked if I knew anything about sex.

Oliver’s Pink Bike [Video]

oliver's pink bike

A three year old boy’s pink birthday wish makes a man consider the kind of father that he wants to be.

Helicopters in the Stomach

peacock in full fan

A young Andy Bodle gets his first lesson in survival of the fittest.

Talking and Not Talking: Sexual Abuse and the Inability to Ask Questions

batman pajamas

My earliest memory is of wanting a grappling hook, so that I could climb walls like Batman. My boyfriend’s earliest memory is of being sexually abused.

Life Is a Lesson, Not a Test


Here’s to the girl who made me the man I am today.