What is it Like to Be a Guy Living With PTSD From Childhood Sexual Abuse?

Male survivors experience dissociation, flashbacks, anxiety, and depression, but the stigma makes it difficult to ask for help.

We Are All On A Hero’s Journey

The Hero: An ancient archetype older than civilization itself. Does it reside within each of us? — The demon that you can swallow gives you its power, and the greater life’s pain, the greater life’s reply.  ― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth We all have a story. It defines us, put us in relation to everything. […]

Logging On to Healing: a New Resource for Men Who Have Experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse

The 1in6 Online Peer Support Group is open, free and has become a vital bridge between male sexual abuse victims and professionals who want to help to finally heal them.

Family Boundaries

The key to emotional health when families gather

Charles Blow: “Up From Pain,” Sex Abuse, and Bisexuality

In his memoir, New York Times’ Op-Ed Columnist Charles M. Blow revealed not only his own startling truths, but some truths we all need to examine.

Colleges Are Addressing Childhood Sexual Abuse

1in6 on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

From Hurt To Healing – Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Brave stories from three men who were assaulted and abused, physically, verbally, and sexually. This will change what you think about sexual assault and abuse.

Men Opting In and Speaking Up

Three male senators disclose their experiences of childhood sexual abuse.

Question: “ARE WE THERE YET?” Answer: “WE ARE ON OUR WAY.”

On the progress we’ve made serving male survivors and debunking the myths of childhood sexual abuse.

Do You Apply Your Awareness To Your Inner Circle?

To all the service providers and volunteers in the movement to end childhood sexual abuse and improve resources for the 19 million (and more) men dealing with it’s effects: keep teaching, keep talking, those closest to you are listening.

No More: Your Voice Can End the Silence

1 in 6 men in the United States has had an unwanted or abusive sexual experience in childhood.

Can We Ever Really Know the Truth About Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen?

The ‘truth’ of any tale can be found in how we react to the story.

‘Lemon Meringue’ Tackles the Aftermath of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Play grapples with difficult subject affecting many men.

Chris Brown and a Nation of Raped Boys

What if we have been normalizing male rape victims’ symptoms for centuries?

Healing From Abuse – Roads to Recovery

David Pittman reviews some of the therapeutic options for recovery from sexual abuse—from the traditional to the experimental.

Childhood Trauma Can Alter Your DNA

David Pittman outlines stunning new science that indicates childhood trauma can actually alter your DNA.