Your Kid Is Not My Safety Problem

your kid

The whole world cannot be childproofed, and that’s actually a good thing.

The Game I Played Growing Up in Philly

2-curb ball-daniel lobo-flickr

Reminiscing on the good ol’ days reminded me to always find time to play.

Undertaker’s Streak is Over and so is My Childhood

Undertaker Loses Streak

Today I hang up my childhood like The Undertaker did his boots and relish in the good ol’ days.

Pitman Creek

Wendell Keith Muse circa 1991

Venturing up a small stream in southern Kentucky, a middle-aged man re-imagines his father—and himself.

True Love: Dads and Mini Vans

True Love: Dads and Mini Vans

Ben Liebing thinks back to his childhood, to the moments where his father happily put his family first, and sees each moment as an expression of love

Dear Daughter: Give Love Like It’s On Sale and Going Out of Style

Robert and Emilie 2

Robert Conway’s daughter is away at college. He needs to let her solve her own problems in her own way. And yet, there’s always love.

The Manly Charm of Shoveling Snow

Easter and Mount Washington April 2013 004

Carl Bosch loves shoveling snow. But not because it makes him feel manly.

Two Tips For Positive Parenting

two tips for positive parenting

Black belt Theresa Byrne meets a lot of frustrated parents. Here are a couple of tips she’s shared with them.

11-Year-Old Boy Bullied Almost To Death For Liking Ponies


Michael Morones is caught between life and death after a suicide attempt. Here’s why, and what you can do to help.

Forgotten Fire: What Western Men Lost By “Conquering” Fire

fire 2

Environment Editor Neil Hill on the nature of fire and the rites of passage for men.

“Do-less”—a Word That Needs To Be in Your Vocabulary


The Rev. Neil O’Farrell prays that good boys become good men

Little Soon Forgotten Charities


Josh Misner realized that the best thing he can give his children is his presence—the minute fractions that that make up the happiness of life.

Is The Sensitive Boy Doomed From The Start?


Eduardo Garcia on the rise of empowered women and disempowered men.

A Scarcity of Affection Among Men

A Scarcity of Attention Among Men photo by lenny montana

Jackson Bliss sees how men have grown up seeing affection as sexual behavior, not social behavior. And that is one of the tragedies of our times.

Are You Playing or Are You Dead?

Playing Flickr ingermaaike2

James Altucher realizes that you either play or you die, the choice is yours. And his.

What If I Want To Be A Princess?


“There simply isn’t a male fantasy about being appreciated and lauded for one’s intrinsic qualities rather than one’s actions.” Noah Brand wonders why that is.