Don’t Use “Force”

Bill Eddy explains that while many children of divorce would rather stay where they are in any given moment, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to see their Mom or Dad.

A Discussion About ‘Split,’ for Kids of Divorce (and Their Parents) by Ellen Bruno

Ellen Bruno discusses ‘Split,’ a film about how divorce affects kids.

Deal With It, Kid

If we don’t allow children to see bad along with good, how will they learn the difference?

The No-Fail Method to Answer: ‘Should I Get a Divorce?’

No one can decide for you, but here is a way to make the decision easier for yourself.

10 Ways Divorce Changes You As a Parent

Your kids will be just fine, and you will never be the same.

10 Ways Children Of Divorce See Love and Marriage Differently

So … you’re in love with a child of divorce, are you?

Coping With Fear During Divorce

Fear during divorce can be paralyzing. Jenny Kanevsky has 4 ways to help you push through.

This Is Going To Hurt—Divorce With Children

“What came out, in the weeks that progressed, was the vast difference in our perspectives on the future of our family.”

Divorced Dad In Love, a Happy Story

And even as I hope for a co-pilot again, there will never be an astronaut who turned herself so completely inside and out to be a family together.

Father, My Father: Forgiving My Dad and Myself on Father’s Day

And as I forgive my father for his loss of control and family, for the divorce, and for not taking care of himself long enough to see me and my kids. Today, I forgive him, but I am also learning to forgive myself for the failure of my marriage.

The Parenting Transformation (In Marriage and Divorce)

John McElhenney knew that having kids would transform his life. But he didn’t realize how it would transform his marriage.

Children of Divorce Grow Up and It’s Still a Pain

I’m married, I have a four-year-old son, and I’m still penning visitation schedules. For my son.

Batter Up

My girlfriend’s 15 year old kid had played a year of Little League and hadn’t picked up a bat or glove since. This was an opportunity for us to bond, but the odds were stacked against us.

Music for Boys

Why Fiona Apple’s music mattered to Vincent Scarpa, even when he thought it wasn’t supposed to.

In Defense of Divorce

Divorce could be the best thing to happen to your family, too, says Mark Radcliffe.

Keep It Civil: 10 Ways to Tactfully End a Relationship

Nicole Johnson offers ten ways to end a relationship with class and composure.