Kids Are Not a Boxed Set

two boys

Try as they might to hide it, I can see the disappointed looks on people’s faces as they say they were hoping for a girl.

My Dear Son, Rejection is a Myth

son playing in river

I need to tell you a secret, something I wish I would have known when I was 12.

Want to Help Your Children with Literacy and Brain Development? Try Music!


Kids might think music lessons are a waste of time. But musical training has been shown to improve literacy, memory, learning and verbal intelligence.

Are Children More Like Butterflies or Crocodiles?

Good Men Butterfly

Children aren’t miniature adults. Like butterflies, they go through dramatic changes to develop into amazing adults, and we need to respect that.

I’m Not Cool, I’m a Dad!


While recalling the glories of life before becoming a father, Bryan Alkire, aka ‘kzoodad’, realizes what is the coolest thing of all.

The Power of a Father’s Words

The Power of by ashlee

Mike Berry shows how the words dads speak—and don’t speak—influence our children.

Mandela’s Belief that Education Can Change the World Is Still a Dream


Two years after Nelson Mandela’s death, the challenge remains to use education to change South Africa and the rest of the world.

Tips for Traveling With Kids


Leo Babauta shares tips for making sure your kids (and you!) have a great time on your next trip.

To My Kids On Adversity: The World Is Yours To Shape And Mold


A dad holds on to hope that in a world of people pitted against one another, times are a changin’ for the world his children will grow up in.

A Dad Without Daycare


When faced with the prospect of a closed daycare, a concerned dad seeks out advice on how to fill the day.

7 Deadly Pitfalls In Marriage And Committed Relationships

Life's expectations!

Caveat emptor! What your mother never told you about being in a relationship but, Dr. Steve will.

Dear Dad: The One With the Finicky Critic


A parent of a finicky eater turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice on how many meals to offer a child with a particular palate.

Prevent An Epidemic Of Short-Sighted Kids: Another Reason for Dads to Get Kids Outside

Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 2.54.02 PM

Bright light outdoors stimulates the release of the retinal transmitter, dopamine, which has a protective effect.

The Heart of the Home with ‘The Cook At Home Dad': Ratatouille


In a bid to get children to eat healthier, ‘The Cook At Home Dad’ shares tips and recipes he creates for and with his kids.

A Dad Reflects On Raising Rebels With A Cause


‘Dad on the Run’ questions the fine line between teaching children conformity and fostering individuality.

My 13-Year-Old Will Be Different…No Great Divide in My House, Right?


Rob Azevedo says those other parents are wrong: His sweet, precious daughter will never shut him down. Or out.