5 Lessons I Learned After My Divorce to Truly Love My Daughter


After wrecking his car and body, this man learned how to forgive and be there for his daughter.

Curtains Up!


In the theater, we can set aside our differences and be united in the power of our stories.

What Makes Fatherhood


  The legacy of fatherhood takes root in so many ways. Galit Breen shows us the life inside those lasting influences. — His fatherhood is jokes that we all know the punch line of. It’s perfect ribs and 69 cent cones and homemade cream soda. It’s a gifted appreciation for Star Wars, the Minnesota Twins, and siracha—all […]

Dear Dad: The One With the Truth About Childbirth


A pregnant mom worries about her partner’s first time in the birthing room and turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice on how to prepare him for the truth about childbirth. — Dear Dad,   I recently discovered your column and love your advice! I hope you can help me! I am 8 months pregnant and […]

8 Reasons It Pays To Play Nice With The Ex-Husband’s New Wife

8 Reasons by Brandon OConnor

Getting along with your child’s step-mother is easier said than done, but Shelley Wetton gives us some solid reasons to make the effort.

More Than One Way to Be a Father

MyKids by JR Reynolds

J.R. Reynolds offers an expanded definition of fatherhood—by living it.

A Note To The Good Man I Married

lego wedding

Shanna Anderson has a few things her husband needs to know and they can help any blended family.

#83: Officer Sings to Toddler after Family’s Fatal Crash


A Colorado police officer comforted a toddler by singing after her family’s fatal car crash.

How Can We Get the Life We Want?

life we want

We may not be getting what we want, but we’re always getting what we believe.

Two Dads, Twin Babies, a Love Letter

two dads twin babies

From love at first sight, to parents of twins — these love letters sum up what it means to be a “modern family.”

Why a Best Friend is Hard for a Good Man to Find


As our culture and society have denormalized authentic male friendships, more men are finding themselves lonely and depressed. It’s time to showcase masculinity as depending on and helping others, rather than a man alone.

My Father Never Said I Love You, But I’ll Be Different

me and dad

I realized my father was from a generation that never said those three little words. He was saying he loved me without them. But I didn’t realize it then.

Happy Belated Father’s Day, Mom

single mom

After the death of his father, Brian Gawlak reflects on the father his single mother chose to be. — Last year was my first father’s day since my biological father passed away. I spent the day mourning less the loss of the human being whom I had little connection to, but more the loss of […]

Get Tough on Crime, Not Kids


Dr. Kwame Brown explains why violent crime is significantly less likely when we give children proper care, resources, food and guidance.

The Perils of Praise


What happens when people who are used to getting praised stop getting it? Andrew Miller explains.

Why It’s So Damn Hard to Recover from an Eating Disorder in Our Society

man with eating disorder

How we talk and think about weight isn’t just toxic to people who have or have had eating disorders — it’s toxic to everyone.