Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Compromise Could Prove Costly to Couples and Kids

gay parents scotus

What appears to a possible “compromise” in the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage may turn out to be a burden on gay and lesbian couples.

Talking to Kids about Strangers


How do we teach our children about strangers in a way that empowers them without scaring them?

Why Men Shut Down and How Women Can Help

couple in love

You can help a man get past the fear of being vulnerable, but it will require some awareness and strength on your part.

Screw Flowers: 65 Things Your Mom Actually Wants For Mother’s Day

mother and son

Get brain freeze when you try to think of something really special for Mom? She really DOESN’T have everything.

A (Typical) Roller Coaster Night with My 3-Year-Old


Some moments are special. Some moments are lessons. Some are a combination of the two.

With All Due Respect: Fu*k Mother’s Day

newborn baby

Motherhood requires far more than successfully giving birth.

Infidelity: The Monster Is Out Of The Closet. Now What?


Can you fix a relationship that has endured betrayal? Danielle Jacobs offers some advice.

6 Parenting Lessons from Little League Baseball


It’s more than just a game and offers valuable life lessons.  — Little League baseball fields everywhere are buzzing with excitement. The smell of fresh cut grass on the ball field means spring has sprung. Baseball is such a metaphor for life. Is a bad break in the past keeping you from being the parent […]

Dear Dad: The One With the Email and the Quagmire


Brian Gawlak on handling the ex as a single mom.

15 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage After Kids


Don’t let the stress of parenthood take away the love you have for each other.

My Sweet Boy, Don’t Let the Bullies Win


I wish I could tell you that this is only temporary, that they will leave soon. But the truth is they won’t.

How I Learned To Love My Son For What He Is… and Also What He’s Not

david 3_0

Why do we celebrate individuality in adults but condemn it in our boys?

How to Live Like an Avenger: A Dad’s Guide to Superhero Life

How to Live Like an Avenger: A Dad’s Guide to Superhero Life

In anticipation for “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” three joyfully-geeky dads discuss how they’re sharing The Avengers with their kids…

Is Sherri Shepard Wrongly Being Forced Into Parenthood?

Sherri Sheperd

In a Utopian world, no person — male or female —would be forced into parenthood. However, as much as this may seem unfair, we must bear responsibilities for our actions.

The Magic of Love for Healing Boo Boo’s

dad and son with bloody knee

Research shows that love and emotional support goes a long way toward healing the hurts life deals out.

How to Be Helpful to Parents in Public

How to Help by hapal

Jenny Kanevsky offers much needed guidance for what to do and what not to do when you see parents struggling with their kids.