I Am an American Teacher. I Am an American Soldier.


American soldier and educator J.D. Wilson explains how the military taught him to be a better teacher and a better man.

A Life-Lesson from Roger Federer


Vaughn Granier is on the road, missing his kids. And he gets inspired by the words of a tennis champion.

Are We Adequately Preparing Our Boys and Young Men for Their Future?


GMP has a new Education Editor, and he’s interested in your submissions.

Teach Children About Adoption, Before Releasing Them On The Playground


Rachael Quinn Egan asks us to learn and teach our children well about Adoption this November, National Adoption Awareness Month.

The Highs And Lows Of Parenting In The Digital Age


There’s no denying it: technological distractions are abundant, and are even more so when you’re a parent. Joni Edelman on how to succeed in being savvy and a quality parent.

DIY Jellyfish – Delight Your Kids Tonight

kid and jellyfish

Not every DIY project has to be serious, or even functional. Sometimes, you can do it just to make someone giggle.

How to Find the Courage to Travel With Kids

How to Find the Courage to Travel With Kids

Cliff Hsia explains how traveling with your kids can be a wonderfully enriching experience for the whole family, if you have the courage to try.

Could the ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ be the Best Zelda Game Ever?


A game with a new villain, new weapons and an unlikely ally.

Why Men Have a Strong Emotional Stake in Rape Prevention

Seeing is Believing

Ashley Warner, a survivor of rape, is concerned how this act of violence affects men, families, marriage and society.

Teen Fathers: Trying and Barely Hanging On

teen father

Dr. Andrew Irvin Smiler continues to unpack the lives of teenage dads, identifying the struggles, the emotions, and feeling locked out of your own life.

Fall: Climbing That Mountain


Despite a terminal cancer diagnosis, Oren Miller embraces life and treks through the mountains with his family, reveling in every moment.

How to Leave Your Wife Without Leaving Your Children


How to end the relationship but keep the kids: advice from Limpet Girl.

5 Heartbreaking Lessons Every Parent Must Learn

Parenting lessons

While parenting is great, Tor Constantino shares an underlying sadness that all loving parents ultimately face.

3 Steps These Parenting Experts Take When Feeling Like a Bad Parent

4622318435_2d4d22777e_z (1)

We all know parenting isn’t the easiest job in the world, but Lina Acosta Sandaal has a few steps to make it easier.

This Video Will Make You Reconsider How You Talk About Yourself In Front of Your Kids

This Video Will Make You Reconsider How You Talk About Yourself In Front of Your Kids

If your child asked “What’s your favorite part of your body?”, what would your answer tell them about self-esteem and your own personal body image issues?

100 Memories I’ve Made, and Can’t Wait to Share With My Son


An sweet open letter from a very excited dad, ready to share it all – the good, the bad and the funny.