Have You Forgotten How To Be Silly?

Remembering how to be silly relieves tension, removes the masks, and sometimes just keeps us sane.

How to Break Your Child’s Spirit

Justin Ricklefs on how public outbursts are not the answer to disciplining your children.

Men, Make Big Mo(mentum) Your Go-to Move in Parenting

Once you know how Mo(mentum) works, you’ll find fantastic opportunities arise for you and your kids.

Nail Polish, Long Hair, Strange Clothes – It’s What Makes Up, but Doesn’t Mix Up, the Boy

This dad says let kids experiment — self expression is part of figuring out who they really are.

How I Learned To Stop Chasing (More) Money

Money should never dictate your identity as a man. James Woodruff discusses how a weekend vacation changed his views on finances.

How Dads Can Become the Super Hero Their Kids Love

Tyler Jacobson is calling on this generation of fathers to become super heroes to their kids. Here is how.

Why I Left My 4-Year Old Son For A New Wife

After six years in a miserable relationship he knew he had to leave, but how could he risk never seeing his child again?

Look at What is Being Sold to Kids When They are in School

Faith Boninger and Alex Molnar on how stuff gets sold to kids in school – and it’s not pretty.

8 Mistakes I Made Divorcing a Narcissist — and How to Avoid Them

One of the narcissist’s favorite strategies is to couch misdeeds in terms of “concern” for you or your children. Never forget that the one and only person a narcissist cares about is himself. Expressions of caring and concern are a sign that you are being manipulated.

Raise ‘Em Up

Justin Ricklefs on children, foster parenting, and crying.

Anticipation Is Half The Fun

Father Time is a weekly column dedicated to the concept of time in a parent’s life, particularly a father’s life. The point of view comes from a father of two young sons, both under three-years-old, and how time really is just that: a concept. ◊♦◊ My best friend Alex and I have been riding parallel […]

A Plea To the Man I’m Raising

Right now, you know only good. As you learn the bad this world can offer I hope you never, ever give up.

How To Do Divorce Without Wrecking Your Children

No one really loves divorce, but it’s still happening and much of the time it really should happen. Yet, you don’t have to damage your kids in the process.

Football Is More Than A Game, It’s An Addiction

When a player chooses to risk his long-term health by playing after severe injuries does that mean he’s addicted to the game?

Do Your Children Really Know You Love Them?

You say “I love you” to your kids. And you mean it. But are you showing them how much?

Five Tips for Dating a Single Parent

Erin Khar learned, sometimes the hard way, about what works and doesn’t work when dating with a child.