A Jolt of Fun for Dads

Ken Carfagno has a brilliant way to forge memories with your kids while you do routine errands.

I Resented My Husband’s Mother for Spoiling My Children

I learned too late what her love really meant.

8 Essential Questions Every Dad Should Ask

A simple guide to having more influence in your kids’ lives.

My Boy Was Just Like Me

An epic song from his childhood helped one dad understand what it means to leave a legacy.

Strap on Your Helmet: Family Biking 101

It’s about safety AND fun!

Tech Toy Review: TROBO the Storytelling Robot

  Teacher, Friend and wonderfully intuitive interactive device, TROBO is put through his paces in Alex Yarde’s Review — My six year old daughter has found a new best plushy friend—and to replace her coveted poo emoji from Liberty Science Center, it had to be extraordinary. His name is TROBO the Storytelling Robot and I […]

Grow Up… Adults!!!

DiaryDad wants you to GROW UP!!! — Twice in the past week I have dealt with issues in which adults have done very immature and/or childish things when they should have been setting a better example for the children they were around.  Unfortunately both times it has been my youngest that has been impacted and… well… I’m […]

Four Things Parents can do to Keep Their Kids’ Kidneys Healthy

Ensuring that children eat healthily can prevent them from developing kidney disease.

The ‘You Are Loved’ Project Uses Murals to Change Lives

Artist and musician Alex Cross uses his creative gifts to spread hope and encouragement.

Special Needs People Aren’t the Only Ones with Needs

In Part 9 of the series, “Every Family Has a Story,” Darla Johnson shows you how to take care of yourself when you’re caring for someone else.

Comment of the Day: ‘From childhood, we are told to behave a certain way’

We should see each other as human first.

Is it Time to Stop Linking Masculinity With Material Success?

Gender stereotypes in India—and across the world—crush the possibility of a man wanting to be home while his wife takes on the role of the sole breadwinner of the family.

A Salute to My Dad, An American Hero

A grateful daughter reconciles with her memories of her dad’s military career.

A Powerful Way to Share the World

It was nothing short of genius for Expedia to decide to bring the world to those unable to travel anywhere.

Decisions, Decisions…

How to look inward, trust your intuition and always make the “right” decision.

Bringing Home a ‘Green’ Baby

Eco-Friendly Tips That Will Help Protect Your Infant and the Planet