Are the Chilean Miners Still Good Men?

Would pot-smoking, pornography, and even cannibalism change your opinion of the Chilean miners?

Good Comment of the Day: Are Good Men Made by Disaster?

One surprising point of contention was our choice of the Chilean miners, who nabbed the number-eight spot on the Top 10 Good Men of the Year list.

The Top 10 Good Men of 2010

For this, our inaugural Good Men of the Year list, we’re not celebrating memorable personalities, newly minted pop-culture icons, or 15-minute men. This was a year of unprecedented challenges, and it cried out for good men.

Top 10 Good Men of 2010: The Chilean Miners

Even under such inhumane conditions, their duty, selflessness, and composure reminded us that when life is at its worst, we can still be at our best.

Cheat on Your Wife for $100,000

It seems like a match made … err … several hundred feet below the surface of the earth.

Media Trample Joy in Rescue of Chilean Miners

It should have been a moment of relief and joy for the Avalos family, but a couple hundred journalists did their best to ruin it.