5000km Walk Without Haircut or Shave

5000km walk

Watch Christoph Rehage change on his long walk and see the changes. By the end, he might need a shave.

China’s Economic Explosion is Ravaging its Coastal Ecosystems

china coastline-AP

The speed and scale of China’s rapid economic growth has led to widespread degradation of its densely inhabited coastlines, according to an analysis of 60 years of social, economic and environmental data.

Can Philadelphians Afford to Pay for Fresh Air?


Philly is the 11th most polluted city in the U.S and a metropolis with the highest rate of deep poverty, so if someone did sell cans of fresh air, could anyone afford it?

Chinese Muslims Freed From Guantanamo Ten Years After Being Found Innocent

guantanamo protest-by futureatlas.com-flickr

10 years after the US military realized they weren’t terrorists, these men are finally being granted their freedom.

China Says 8 Million Acres of Farmland Now Too Polluted for Food

chinese farmland-AP Photo-Eugene Hoshiko

An official from the Chinese government announced Monday that approximately 3.33 million hectares, or 8 million acres, of China’s farmland is now too polluted to grow crops.

We Were Intrepid, Once

we were intrepid once by nasa goddard flickr

The space program pays off benefits that can’t be counted in dollars.

Let the World Speak Up About Syria, But Not Rush to War [OpEd]

syria-AP photo from local committee of Arbeen

Giovanni Barbieri would like to see a peaceful solution brokered by the UN to the crisis in Syria. And he’d like us all to help make that happen.

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crashes in San Francisco

san francisco plane crash

Official reports indicate terrorism was not a factor in Saturday’s crash at San Francisco International Airport.

Mail Carriers in China Catch Falling Toddler (VIDEO)

hero mail carriers

A two-year-old girl was saved after falling from her family’s 5th-floor window by a group of mail carriers in Eastern China.

A Case for the Magic Money Machine


I’m no economist, so I’m expecting that someone who understands global commerce better than I will set me straight. But until then…

Australian Backpacker Rescues Family from North Korea (VIDEO)

Lee, Kolp, North Korea, Austrailia, defect, escape North Korea, acts of kindness, selfless acts, kindness, inspiration, faith

In 2009, Dick Stolp helped Hyeonseo Lee and her family escape from North Korea; watch Lee’s TED Talk and see their emotional reunion.

How Social Messages Can Make a Man a Bad Lover

Pablo Neruda, love poetry, relationships, men's desire, men's sexuality, how to attract women, how to make love

What you believe may keep you from greater intimacy and satisfaction.

Palmer Township Man Secures War Medal For Late Father — 68 Years Later

war medal (300x247)

“He was just a typical World War II guy. Came home, went to work and got involved in civic and church stuff,” Barry Miller said.

China Says It’s Ready to “Reform” Re-Education Camps

chinese flag (450x337)

China’s re-education through labor camps have become the very thing they were originally designed to punish.

North Korea Responds to UN Resolution With Threats of More Nuclear Tests

Kim Jong un

Washington’s special envoy on North Korea, Glyn Davies, warns that a nuclear test would be “a mistake and a missed opportunity” for North Korea.

North Korea Has “New Generation of Powerful Rocket”

North Korea Koreas US Missiles

These new mobile missiles have caught the attention of Washington and intelligence agencies in the West, and they are worried.