You’re Projecting It Onto Us White People!


Matthew Salesses on the dilemma of how to talk about adoption without hurting loved ones.

All I Want For Christmas Is a Giant Plate of Fish


When it comes to sushi, Jarad Dewing battles between immediate gratification and future possibilities.

Outgrowing Ethnicity: Heritage, Xenophobia, and Being American


Adam Rabasca looks at his ethnically-mixed family and asks why Americans identify ethnicity over nationality

Leap of Faith

Hong Kong skyline

Atalwin Pilon took a leap of faith—into another country. Then he did it again, and again.

Man-to-Man with Tai Chi master and author Arthur Rosenfeld


Cameron Conaway sits down with Arthur Rosenfield to discuss Tai Chi and what’s next for this modern-day monk.

Irony: Tattoo About the Sin of Homosexuality is Actually a Sin Itself!

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 11.31.55 AM

Apparently Leviticus isn’t dedicated exclusively to the abomination of homosexuality…

Are there any other languages you wish you could speak?

Mandarin (Chinese)

Posterity: The Father of Reinvention


Thaddeus Howze discusses both the obstacles and extraordinary rewards of raising a child with autism.

Guestpost #24: Jen Chow – Ten things I've learned from being an Asian Sensation

Jen Chow is my friend, colleague, event-organizing super-star, and all-around hilarious person (or, in her Scarberian parlance, “so jokes”). Jen is also really Chinese, which makes this list all the more funny and curious. It’s true, I can’t lie, most Asians are bad drivers. 97% of the time you encounter a bad driver, they’re Asian! […]