Say What? (Version 2.0)

In this regular feature, The Good Men Project Sports team takes a look at the top ten most memorable quotes from the world of sport in the past week. This week includes Lance Armstrong, Gronk, Jerry Rice, Jim Dolan, and much more!

So . . . This Happened: Three Things in Sports (Feb. 9, 2015 Edition)

This week, we honor the legendary Dean Smith, shake our collective heads at Knicks Owner James Dolan, and question whether there is anything there there in the Chris Paul-Lauren Holtkamp controversy.

Should the Clippers Have Boycotted?

A lot of people think the Clippers should have boycotted Sunday’s game, but Argun Ulgen wonders if any of us would really do that with as much on the line as the Clippers have?

The 10 at 10

Sitting is really bad for you, waiters are doomed, and Gabby Giffords can attend her husband’s shuttle launch.

NBA Playoffs: Western Conference Update

Get caught up with all those games they play while you’re sleeping.