What Chris Rock Taught Me About Relationships

chris rock

Comedy may be about extremes, but Blair Glaser just had to call BS on this famous line.

In Defense of the Right to Offend

In Defense of by IsaacMao

T. J. Sullivan sees the terror attack at ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris as a reminder that defending freedom of speech means defending speech we find uncomfortable, offensive, or scary.

The Incredibly Low Bar: Let’s Change the Stereotypes about Dads

the incredibly low bar photo by phalinn

Doyin Richards wants to know what is wrong with a society that sees dads who are merely being good parents as doing something “amazing.”

The Ethics of Race Comedy


Race humor be polarizing, intelligent … and good for society?

Video: Chris Rock’s Message for White Voters

Screen Shot 2012-11-03 at 2.54.23 PM

Chris Rock is a master at making fun of racial relations… But does he go too far?

Save Our Sons’ Emotional Intelligence: What Dads Can Do NOW!

Screen Shot 2012-09-23 at 9.59.50 PM

We abandon our sons to a cultural narrative that says, “Don’t show your emotions or you will be defined as weak.” It’s time that changed.

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Open Thread: What’s So Funny About That???

Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 9.42.48 AM

Julie Gillis wonders: When does humor go too far?

We’re Dads. We Don’t Need a Fancy Label


Matthew Peregoy would like it if media would stop treating full-time fathers like a weird phenomenon that needs a special name, thanks very much.

What To Expect? Dads Portrayed As Morons

what to expect when youre expecting

How are dads portrayed in the media? Jim Higley looks at the trailer for “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and doesn’t know quite what to expect.

That Polar Bear Went Polar Bear

photo by BBC

Polar Bears are not crazy.

Fox News Calls Obama’s Birthday Celebration a ‘Hip-Hop BBQ’

jay-z obama

According to Fox News, President Obama’s 50th birthday party was a “hip-hop BBQ,” whatever that means.